Saving the Environment…..

On Jon’s trip to Florida, he has made it a point to protect other beach goers from the deadly stings of jellyfish. With Jon Fortney’s help, they plan to rid the seas of Jelly Fish forever. Saving jellyfish can be a tiring job, so Jon & Jon went home and cooked themselves a delectible meal (Notice: they are working to rid the sea of red snapper, shrimp, and scallops too!).

After their sea cleansing expedition, they decided to go raid some stores prior to planting themselves at the local starbucks (If I knew he wanted to spend so much time at Starbucks, I could have put beach pictures in the windows of our local Starbucks. Man, did I mis-read that one). As you can see from their shopping experience, Jon’s next vacation will be a hunting expedition. I told him the environmental activists will really hate him (first, killing jelly fish, second killing red snapper, shrimp, and scallops, and now, he’s headed to the woods).

You may ask him, “What is your poor, lonely wife doing?” Well, I like to tell myself I’m paying for the trip (although it’s not entirely true). I am working at my new job which working is a very loose term because they have no work for me to do, so I spend the day finding projects to accomplish (i.e. clean the copy room, clean the file room, hang up pictures on the walls, etc.). Yesterday, I had my first meeting with the BJU mock trial team that I will be coaching this fall. The team this year will be very competitive which is very exciting. I do have plans for this lonely weekend. Renovations will be underway at the Sutter Dormitory Tonight, I plan to sand my front door down, strip the remaining paint, and re-stain/paint it. Are you excited yet? It does get more exciting.  I begin to start prepping my kitchen for my next house project. Of course, I will take down my horrible popcorn ceiling, paint the cabinets and walls, and maybe down the road get some different light fixtures. Should be fun…messy, but still fun. I’m sure I will have many college guys to keep me company on Saturday evening as it has become routine to have between 3-5 guys at our house every Saturday. It’s been pretty fun to be able to give them a getaway.   Well, that’s all for now. I hope you enjoy the pictures of my far away hubby.


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