We’re alive…no worries on the silence in the South

Our Christmas Picture, so I hope you like it. ;-)

Our Christmas Picture, so I hope you like it. ūüėČ

Sorry for the “long” absence from updates (I know it wasn’t that long). I, thankfully, didn’t have internet at work today. Why may you ask? because I FINALLY had WORK. I started on my first audit today. We went to the client’s office and began simple testing. It was a long day for me as I continued to make very blonde mistakes…like spending an hour updating an excel spreadsheet, and when I closed it choosing no to saving it. Yeah, so I had to re-do it when I got home. Oh well. I’ll get better with Excel as I use it more. It was something to laugh about.

Jon and I got to go hiking this weekend which was a lot of fun. We slept in on Saturday (which was REALLY nice), and we drove about about 60 miles to Dupont State Forest which is known for it’s waterfalls (I didn’t know about it before we went, so I’m not sure how well “known” it is for those waterfalls). Jon has been wanting to go hiking for a few weeks, so I was given strict instructions to not make plans. We arrived around lunch time and started our search of the falls. We had planned our hike before getting there so we could visit three of their falls. I think they have like six or seven, but we didn’t want to hike that long. Click on this link to see all of the pictures from our trip. Hiking Pictures

We also spent the rest of the weekend painting my beloved kitchen. IT’S DONE!!! Okay, only some of it is done. The cabinets are all painted. I am so excited to have those behind me. Those were the biggest inconvenience because to get them painted I had to displace everything and everyone in my kitchen. I still have some trim work and some organizational stuff to do, but we’re on the right track to finishing the kitchen once and for all.¬†

In other news….

We were accepted as members of Southside Fellowship. We received our letter yesterday. I was pretty excited as this is the first time I have been a member at a church. Random yes, but I’m thankful we have found a church where we are growing.

Mock Trial – Full Speed Ahead!!!

As you know, I fell in love with mock trial many years ago, and I even fell in love with my husband while I was on a mock trial team. Well, I may not get to compete, but I am still doing what I love. I had planned this year on coaching one team just so I didn’t stress myself out. Greer High School. Last year was their first year ever competing, and after a rough go around, I was able to get some grant money to help their program this year. High School Mock Trial doesn’t really start up until November, and it ends the end of February.

Well, I had forgotten that while judging a middle school mock trial competition late last fall, that I had agreed with a local attorney to start a team at Greenville Middle School, (that’s right two teams now). Greenville Middle got their case early in September, and we are in full swing. Competition is on November 22nd. We assigned roles at Wednesday’s meeting, and I have been reading and revising questions since then for competition. We have such an excited group of kids, and I have never seen so many people interested in a mock trial program (24 students!!!). The only difficult part is none of them have ever seen or competed in a mock trial competition. So we are starting from the bare bones in teaching them about court room decorum, case law, theory, etc. No problem though, I can handle two teams because basically one starts when they end, but wait….

Bob Jones University also has a mock trial team. I was contacted by the teacher sponsor and their captain to see if I would assist them as well. Of course, how could I say no since their meetings are actually pretty convenient to attend (two hours, one day a weeek, after work), and thanks to the program, I married Jon. Well, more thanks to Tim Silvester, but no need to give too much credit to him. ūüėČ So, that’s right three teams. BJU’s team starts in early October, and runs through late February. They assigned roles last week, and you got it I have been typing, reading, and revising questions. Thankfully, work has been slow so I get to do a lot of the revisions at work, AND they have an amazing team which is pretty much self-sufficient.

Coaching is definitely more fun than competing. I get to go speak my mind, encourage people to work hard, and do absolutely nothing if I so choose. It’s also a blast. Last week I had a meeting with two attorneys that are working with me on the Greenville Middle team, and it’s so funny to listen to two people with law degrees (and their own law firms) brag about how much knowledge I have at mock trial, and how thankful they are to have me helping. I was actually thinging the exact same thing about them. It has definitely been fun to get out of my BJU bubble to coach kids in public schools. I guess growing up I always heard about public schools on tv as far as gangs, drugs, immoral behavior, and the list could go on, but there are also very good things (and the prior list isn’t the norm). The kids I am working with on the Middle School team are so excited to learn about the law (and, I don’t think it’s because their families run into it often).

Well, that’s all for now. If you think about it, please pray for Greenville Middle School’s team. Their competition is November 22nd. BJU’s first competition is at Middle Tennessee State University the second weekend of November (Jon and I comepted there….it’s actually on the ride to and from MTSU that we learned a whole lot about each other, and I learned that he met every criteria on my list), and Greer’s competition will be in February. We have our first meeting on the 30th. Random post I know, but I am very excited about the teams…..

What you all have been waiting for….or maybe not. ;-)

After our crazy week, we were really looking forward to the weekend. Two weeks after spending a chunk of money repairing the fuel line on my car, we found out my radiator was leaking. Thankfully, my trusty mechanic was able to temporarily repair the radiator and replace some hoses to get us through another year before replacing the radiator, BUT while he was driving my car to do his trusty work, he blew a tire. So, now we’re in the process of getting me two new tires. Whoever said adulthood was fun?

This weekend was a BUSY weekend. I think I am more tired this morning than I was on Friday afternoon when I was waiting impatiently to leave work. After work on Friday, Jon and I went to the house of Joy & F.B. Wood. I went to high school with Joy, and a group of us high school girls reconnected about 6 months ago. Joy is about 5 months pregnant, and they just moved into their first home.¬†Some of the¬†rooms, including the soon-to-be nursery, were in desperate need of paint. Jon and I worked for about four hours on Friday night to get them headed in the right direction. Of course they fed us…Jon’s favorite foods Wings and Shrimp for our efforts. There are some pictures below of all of us hard at work. She did tell me that they were able to finish all of the painting this weekend which means they should be able to move in this week!!!

On Saturday, I dragged Jon to yet another “charitable” act. We judged at the Bob Jones Academy 18th Annual Speech & Debate Tournament. About 550 high school students swarm the campus to compete in many speech events. Jon got to judge Public Forum Debate which is the same debate I¬†performed in high school. I call it real people debate because it’s usually topics that you would “debate” with friends over the dinner table, and the format is much more relaxed. The topic of debate was whether the United States should significantly increase their nuclear energy resources. Jon left at lunch to go work….I know we’ll¬†discuss that phenomenon a little later.¬†I judged primarily Lincoln Douglas (LD)¬†debate (which I hate, and I only competed in one tournament doing LD debate). The topic for their debates was a little more interesting. They were debating whether or not it was moral to kill one innocent life to save the lives of many. The kids would¬†use philosophers like John Locke, Ayn Rand, Immanual Kant, and many others to support their cases. LD debate is more formal, based more on idealistic values, and philosophy. I finished judging around 5, and headed home.

On Sunday, Jon and I worked on the kitchen (see pictures below), and preparing dinner for the 6 couples for our small group. I don’t think we have worked so hard on a meal, and we didn’t even make it from scratch. ūüėČ We baked Lasagna, and Jon made an amazing salad along with his famous cheesy, garlic bread, oh, and I made my eclair (Josh there is some leftover). We got to know some of the people in our group a little more, and we learned about taking the logs (plural)¬†out of our own eyes when dealing in conflicts with other people.

Oh, I forgot to talk about Jon’s Phenomenon. I have decided I want what I call “the Deloitte Jon” back. He was the guy who worked 8-5 Monday through Friday, and really didn’t do any work at home. Jon was given an important project at work, and he worked Saturday from 1-8 on that project. Definitely turning into a workhorse. I’m proud of him though!!! Well, I think that’s it for now. I need to get studying for my exam. We’re at 24 days and counting!!!

Letting the Blog World Down

Updates on all of the Sutter blogs are slowing down…including my 8 day drought from writing. What causes these depressing delays in dialogue (did you like the alliteration)? Maybe, we’re all having too much fun to write about the fun we’re having.

Life in G-vegas has been rather interesting. Jon and I attended Fall for Greenville which for people like Jon and me was a time to go hear many free local bands including our favorite, the Ohio Players, known for their song Fire. For others in Greenville, the three-day festival is a competition to see who can intake the most amount of alcohol. I seriously don’t want to hear any more about a “Financial Crisis” when I am confident that over $20k+ was spent this past weekend by South Carolinians on alcohol alone. The festival is also supposed to be a place where you can try food of the local restaurants. On Friday, Jon enjoyed some Thai cuisine.¬† We headed home from the festivities to¬†a house full of college guys, but I couldn’t¬†complain because Cory saved me some cookie dough. ūüėČ Jon finished priming the hallway ceilings while I worked on the kitchen walls.

Saturday….more of the same. We¬†cleaned the house in the morning along with finished our in-process paint projects, and then headed downtown for more food and free music. We didn’t get any exciting food though on Saturday. Chili Dog, Cookie, Sweet Tea, and a Sierra Mist…quite a let down for the experimentation side of things.

Sunday…Jon and I completed the final requirements to become members at our church, Southside Fellowship. The process took almost 5 months due to scheduling for one of the classes, but we’re done. We’re just waiting on elder approval. We also joined a small group that meets every¬†Sunday evening. The class is intended to¬†prepare lay people to lead small groups in the future. Jon and I joined this class in the hopes of starting a young married class. There is one other group for our age, but they were filled to the brim, and we’re confident there are more than¬†those 10¬†couples looking to get connected at our church. Ironically, for any of you that¬†know¬†about WW3¬†going on in my family right now, the class is on Peacemaking and Conflict Management, how convenient. It’s been very neat how God¬†is bringing¬†Jon and¬†I through this very hard time in our lives. He is teaching us more about¬†His love¬†(which by-the-way is unconditional), more about each other, and more about living above reproach.

Jon started his second week of work on Monday. We both decided now is a good time to retire….although, I do really enjoy riding too and from work with Jon, and even sometimes getting to eat lunch together in downtown. I know our gas tanks like it too. He started as the senior auditor on his first audit this week. His client is a glue company….I told him that he needs to be sure not to eat too much glue or it might bring his sludge problem back. He gets to go tomorrow and Friday to Spartanburg for an inventory. You may ask what I am doing…..still sitting in my cube studying for my CPA exam. My first audit won’t start until October 27th. I have mainly been working on random projects that I make for myself. I still love my job, and I’m excited about getting the first section of my exam out of the way. Jon did receive his confirmation for the completion of his CPA exam, so we should receive his official CPA certificate soon. Oh, and how could I forget…I listen to Josh Jalinksi’s radio show on Tuesdays at 10am….”The Financial Quarterback.” It’s rather humorous listening to Josh talk to little old ladies about their retirement or lack of. He even gave away a $20 gift card to Dunkin Donuts. I was bummed I didn’t win. Do you know what the DOW is?

Well, that’s the weekend update for the Sutters in the South. Hope it wasn’t too boring, and don’t forget to update your blogs….I have nothing to do at work if you don’t. ūüėČ

Construction Project underway

Here are some mid-way projects of our kitchen. We have the ceiling completely down in the kitchen/breakfast nook and the hallway/entryway. The ceiling has been primed and painted in the kitchen. Hopefully, Jon can work on the breakfast nook and hallway while I work on painting the walls tomorrow. So here’s what we have so far. We are experimenting with the overhead light in the kitchen, so feel free to voice your opinions.

This Day in History…..

Today, we celebrate a momentous occasion. . . In1857, the American Chess Congress held their first national chess tournament in New York City. Please take a moment today to play a game of chess in remembrence….JUST KIDDING!!! Today is Sam’s birthday. Congratulations on being the most ancient Sutter¬†sibling alive (don’t get technical and count Uncle John)! Sam shares his birthday with some other interesting facts. I will list below for your enjoyment. In the early years, the day was filled with more random silly facts, but as time went on, October 6th was filled with violence, war, and death…hopefully, there is no coincidence. ūüėČ
1536 – Anglican priest William Tyndale was captured at Antwerp where he was strangled and burnt. He is credited with making the first English translation of the Bible.

1683 – The first Mennonites arrived in America aboard the Concord. The German and Dutch families settled in an area that is now a neighborhood in Philadelphia, PA.

1846 – Inventor George Westinghouse was born. He was the founder of Westinghouse Electric Company and invented railway braking systems.

1847 – “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte was first published in London. Ashley, if you think he falls asleep quickly with the Great Gatsby…try this book.

1848 – The steamboat SS California left New York Harbor for San Francisco via Cape Horn. The steamboat service arrived on February 28, 1849. The trip took 4 months and 21 days.

1857 – The American Chess Congress held their first national chess tournament in New York City.

1863 – The first Turkish bath was opened in Brooklyn, NY, by Dr. Charles Shepard.

1866 – The Reno Brothers pulled the first train robbery in America near Seymour, IN. The got away with $10,000.

1880 – The National League kicked the Cincinnati Reds out for selling beer.

1884 – The Naval War College was established in Newport, RI.

1889 – In Paris, the Moulin Rouge opened its doors to the public for the first time.

1889 – The Kinescope was exhibited by Thomas Edison. He had patented the moving picture machine in 1887.

1890 – Polygamy was outlawed by the Mormon Church.

1927 – “The Jazz Singer” opened in New York starring Al Jolson. The film was based on the short story “The Day of Atonement” by Sampson Raphaelson.

1928 – War-torn China was reunited under the Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-Shek.

1937 – “Hobby Lobby” debuted on CBS radio. I don’t know if there is any correlation with my favorite store, but either way I was excited to see the name.

1969 – For the first time in Beatles history a George Harrison song got the A side of a 45, “Something”/”Come Together.”

For more exciting facts from Sam’s day in history visit On-This-Day
Happy Birthday Sam!!! Sorry we can’t celebrate with you.

Write your Congressman!!!

The votes passed…does that mean we develop the “ah schucks” we lost attitude? Absolutely not. Write your congressmen. I for one wrote Senator Jim DeMint and praised him for sticking to his guns. He voted against the bailout BOTH times. I encouraged him to continue standing up for the principles that our country was founded on. Thankfully, Senator DeMint is a very strong Christian so I also reminded him that many including myself are praying for him.

On the other hand, I also wrote Senator Lindsey Graham. My words weren’t as glowing for him. He voted twice for the bailout, and I expressed my concerns for his assistance in pushing our country away from the beliefs we were founded on. I have heard many people say “we don’t have a say in what they do” so who cares. WHAT? Those people couldn’t be any farther from correct. Take for example Senator Graham, he is up for re-election November 4th. Express your concerns. . . even if it’s with your vote.

For those of you who aren’t registerred…yes that does include you Dan, you only have one day left. Get registerred and express your beliefs and principals. I’m to the point that I am tired of hearing “Americans” complain about politics when they won’t even utilize their right to participate in the election process. God knows how the election will turn out, but that doesn’t mean He wants us sitting around doing absolutely nothing. “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil”

Ashleigh…Bored? Oxymoron


¬†SO, if all of you have forgotten, my husband ditched me last week to go to the beautiful, sandy beaches of Destin, Florida. Well, while he was gone I wanted to get some projects done. One was sanding, priming, and painting our front door. I wish I would have taken a before picture. The poor door looked horrible. The paint had been peeling off since the day we purchased the house (a year ago, by the way). It looks amazing now. I’m so excited.

THEN, I decided (Jon gave his permission) that we could start on a modest remodel of the kitchen. So, as you all know I have a severe aversion to popcorn ceiling. I started Sunday afternoon, and I quit about 70% into the project because my hubby was coming home from the beautiful, sandy beaches of Destin (no, I was¬†¬†¬† not bitter). ūüėČ We finished up last night taking the ceiling down. Tonight, I plan on puttying and sanding the rough spots. I’m very excited to see the final product, and to think I only have 3 rooms and 2 bathrooms left with popcorn ceilings. I will be sure to take some more pictures as the construction job continues…..