Letting the Blog World Down

Updates on all of the Sutter blogs are slowing down…including my 8 day drought from writing. What causes these depressing delays in dialogue (did you like the alliteration)? Maybe, we’re all having too much fun to write about the fun we’re having.

Life in G-vegas has been rather interesting. Jon and I attended Fall for Greenville which for people like Jon and me was a time to go hear many free local bands including our favorite, the Ohio Players, known for their song Fire. For others in Greenville, the three-day festival is a competition to see who can intake the most amount of alcohol. I seriously don’t want to hear any more about a “Financial Crisis” when I am confident that over $20k+ was spent this past weekend by South Carolinians on alcohol alone. The festival is also supposed to be a place where you can try food of the local restaurants. On Friday, Jon enjoyed some Thai cuisine.  We headed home from the festivities to a house full of college guys, but I couldn’t complain because Cory saved me some cookie dough. 😉 Jon finished priming the hallway ceilings while I worked on the kitchen walls.

Saturday….more of the same. We cleaned the house in the morning along with finished our in-process paint projects, and then headed downtown for more food and free music. We didn’t get any exciting food though on Saturday. Chili Dog, Cookie, Sweet Tea, and a Sierra Mist…quite a let down for the experimentation side of things.

Sunday…Jon and I completed the final requirements to become members at our church, Southside Fellowship. The process took almost 5 months due to scheduling for one of the classes, but we’re done. We’re just waiting on elder approval. We also joined a small group that meets every Sunday evening. The class is intended to prepare lay people to lead small groups in the future. Jon and I joined this class in the hopes of starting a young married class. There is one other group for our age, but they were filled to the brim, and we’re confident there are more than those 10 couples looking to get connected at our church. Ironically, for any of you that know about WW3 going on in my family right now, the class is on Peacemaking and Conflict Management, how convenient. It’s been very neat how God is bringing Jon and I through this very hard time in our lives. He is teaching us more about His love (which by-the-way is unconditional), more about each other, and more about living above reproach.

Jon started his second week of work on Monday. We both decided now is a good time to retire….although, I do really enjoy riding too and from work with Jon, and even sometimes getting to eat lunch together in downtown. I know our gas tanks like it too. He started as the senior auditor on his first audit this week. His client is a glue company….I told him that he needs to be sure not to eat too much glue or it might bring his sludge problem back. He gets to go tomorrow and Friday to Spartanburg for an inventory. You may ask what I am doing…..still sitting in my cube studying for my CPA exam. My first audit won’t start until October 27th. I have mainly been working on random projects that I make for myself. I still love my job, and I’m excited about getting the first section of my exam out of the way. Jon did receive his confirmation for the completion of his CPA exam, so we should receive his official CPA certificate soon. Oh, and how could I forget…I listen to Josh Jalinksi’s radio show on Tuesdays at 10am….”The Financial Quarterback.” It’s rather humorous listening to Josh talk to little old ladies about their retirement or lack of. He even gave away a $20 gift card to Dunkin Donuts. I was bummed I didn’t win. Do you know what the DOW is?

Well, that’s the weekend update for the Sutters in the South. Hope it wasn’t too boring, and don’t forget to update your blogs….I have nothing to do at work if you don’t. 😉


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