What you all have been waiting for….or maybe not. ;-)

After our crazy week, we were really looking forward to the weekend. Two weeks after spending a chunk of money repairing the fuel line on my car, we found out my radiator was leaking. Thankfully, my trusty mechanic was able to temporarily repair the radiator and replace some hoses to get us through another year before replacing the radiator, BUT while he was driving my car to do his trusty work, he blew a tire. So, now we’re in the process of getting me two new tires. Whoever said adulthood was fun?

This weekend was a BUSY weekend. I think I am more tired this morning than I was on Friday afternoon when I was waiting impatiently to leave work. After work on Friday, Jon and I went to the house of Joy & F.B. Wood. I went to high school with Joy, and a group of us high school girls reconnected about 6 months ago. Joy is about 5 months pregnant, and they just moved into their first home. Some of the rooms, including the soon-to-be nursery, were in desperate need of paint. Jon and I worked for about four hours on Friday night to get them headed in the right direction. Of course they fed us…Jon’s favorite foods Wings and Shrimp for our efforts. There are some pictures below of all of us hard at work. She did tell me that they were able to finish all of the painting this weekend which means they should be able to move in this week!!!

On Saturday, I dragged Jon to yet another “charitable” act. We judged at the Bob Jones Academy 18th Annual Speech & Debate Tournament. About 550 high school students swarm the campus to compete in many speech events. Jon got to judge Public Forum Debate which is the same debate I performed in high school. I call it real people debate because it’s usually topics that you would “debate” with friends over the dinner table, and the format is much more relaxed. The topic of debate was whether the United States should significantly increase their nuclear energy resources. Jon left at lunch to go work….I know we’ll discuss that phenomenon a little later. I judged primarily Lincoln Douglas (LD) debate (which I hate, and I only competed in one tournament doing LD debate). The topic for their debates was a little more interesting. They were debating whether or not it was moral to kill one innocent life to save the lives of many. The kids would use philosophers like John Locke, Ayn Rand, Immanual Kant, and many others to support their cases. LD debate is more formal, based more on idealistic values, and philosophy. I finished judging around 5, and headed home.

On Sunday, Jon and I worked on the kitchen (see pictures below), and preparing dinner for the 6 couples for our small group. I don’t think we have worked so hard on a meal, and we didn’t even make it from scratch. 😉 We baked Lasagna, and Jon made an amazing salad along with his famous cheesy, garlic bread, oh, and I made my eclair (Josh there is some leftover). We got to know some of the people in our group a little more, and we learned about taking the logs (plural) out of our own eyes when dealing in conflicts with other people.

Oh, I forgot to talk about Jon’s Phenomenon. I have decided I want what I call “the Deloitte Jon” back. He was the guy who worked 8-5 Monday through Friday, and really didn’t do any work at home. Jon was given an important project at work, and he worked Saturday from 1-8 on that project. Definitely turning into a workhorse. I’m proud of him though!!! Well, I think that’s it for now. I need to get studying for my exam. We’re at 24 days and counting!!!


2 thoughts on “What you all have been waiting for….or maybe not. ;-)

  1. Love the update!! Thanks! Was very impressed with all you accomplished this weekend – you guys are amazing! Any chance you guys would like to fly down and hand deliver that chocolate eclair?

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