Mock Trial – Full Speed Ahead!!!

As you know, I fell in love with mock trial many years ago, and I even fell in love with my husband while I was on a mock trial team. Well, I may not get to compete, but I am still doing what I love. I had planned this year on coaching one team just so I didn’t stress myself out. Greer High School. Last year was their first year ever competing, and after a rough go around, I was able to get some grant money to help their program this year. High School Mock Trial doesn’t really start up until November, and it ends the end of February.

Well, I had forgotten that while judging a middle school mock trial competition late last fall, that I had agreed with a local attorney to start a team at Greenville Middle School, (that’s right two teams now). Greenville Middle got their case early in September, and we are in full swing. Competition is on November 22nd. We assigned roles at Wednesday’s meeting, and I have been reading and revising questions since then for competition. We have such an excited group of kids, and I have never seen so many people interested in a mock trial program (24 students!!!). The only difficult part is none of them have ever seen or competed in a mock trial competition. So we are starting from the bare bones in teaching them about court room decorum, case law, theory, etc. No problem though, I can handle two teams because basically one starts when they end, but wait….

Bob Jones University also has a mock trial team. I was contacted by the teacher sponsor and their captain to see if I would assist them as well. Of course, how could I say no since their meetings are actually pretty convenient to attend (two hours, one day a weeek, after work), and thanks to the program, I married Jon. Well, more thanks to Tim Silvester, but no need to give too much credit to him. 😉 So, that’s right three teams. BJU’s team starts in early October, and runs through late February. They assigned roles last week, and you got it I have been typing, reading, and revising questions. Thankfully, work has been slow so I get to do a lot of the revisions at work, AND they have an amazing team which is pretty much self-sufficient.

Coaching is definitely more fun than competing. I get to go speak my mind, encourage people to work hard, and do absolutely nothing if I so choose. It’s also a blast. Last week I had a meeting with two attorneys that are working with me on the Greenville Middle team, and it’s so funny to listen to two people with law degrees (and their own law firms) brag about how much knowledge I have at mock trial, and how thankful they are to have me helping. I was actually thinging the exact same thing about them. It has definitely been fun to get out of my BJU bubble to coach kids in public schools. I guess growing up I always heard about public schools on tv as far as gangs, drugs, immoral behavior, and the list could go on, but there are also very good things (and the prior list isn’t the norm). The kids I am working with on the Middle School team are so excited to learn about the law (and, I don’t think it’s because their families run into it often).

Well, that’s all for now. If you think about it, please pray for Greenville Middle School’s team. Their competition is November 22nd. BJU’s first competition is at Middle Tennessee State University the second weekend of November (Jon and I comepted there….it’s actually on the ride to and from MTSU that we learned a whole lot about each other, and I learned that he met every criteria on my list), and Greer’s competition will be in February. We have our first meeting on the 30th. Random post I know, but I am very excited about the teams…..


2 thoughts on “Mock Trial – Full Speed Ahead!!!

  1. Hey! Chad and I are public school kids and we turned out alright! 😉

    Email me about work fellow insurance agent…how’s it all going down in SC? Since I’m independent I (thankfully) can quote with more than one company which is awesome when people are shopping around so much…

    And PS- you are a workaholic…I’m jealous.

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