We’re alive…no worries on the silence in the South

Our Christmas Picture, so I hope you like it. ;-)

Our Christmas Picture, so I hope you like it. πŸ˜‰

Sorry for the “long” absence from updates (I know it wasn’t that long). I, thankfully, didn’t have internet at work today. Why may you ask? because I FINALLY had WORK. I started on my first audit today. We went to the client’s office and began simple testing. It was a long day for me as I continued to make very blonde mistakes…like spending an hour updating an excel spreadsheet, and when I closed it choosing no to saving it. Yeah, so I had to re-do it when I got home. Oh well. I’ll get better with Excel as I use it more. It was something to laugh about.

Jon and I got to go hiking this weekend which was a lot of fun. We slept in on Saturday (which was REALLY nice), and we drove about about 60 miles to Dupont State Forest which is known for it’s waterfalls (I didn’t know about it before we went, so I’m not sure how well “known” it is for those waterfalls). Jon has been wanting to go hiking for a few weeks, so I was given strict instructions to not make plans. We arrived around lunch time and started our search of the falls. We had planned our hike before getting there so we could visit three of their falls. I think they have like six or seven, but we didn’t want to hike that long. Click on this link to see all of the pictures from our trip. Hiking Pictures

We also spent the rest of the weekend painting my beloved kitchen. IT’S DONE!!! Okay, only some of it is done. The cabinets are all painted. I am so excited to have those behind me. Those were the biggest inconvenience because to get them painted I had to displace everything and everyone in my kitchen. I still have some trim work and some organizational stuff to do, but we’re on the right track to finishing the kitchen once and for all.Β 

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