While the Cat’s away, the mice play…same for mom…

Here’s some pics from today’s progress on my mom’s bathroom. The destruction was pretty fun. Brandi and I are a bit cut up, but other than that no serious injuries.

My mom did call to let us know that she made it to Brazil safely. I think the Lord made it evident that my mom is where she is supposed to be today. My mom was very sad to find out that Ethan’s 3rd birthday party was scheduled for while she was away. My mom hunted for weeks for a card that she could record a message for Ethan. In my mom’s voice, the message said “I love you Ethan, I miss you so much. Happy Birthday” then there was a song that played. I gave the card to Ethan while sitting in his car ready to go home. He opened the card, and immediately a big smile came on his face. He would listen to the message, close the card before the song, and re-open. He did this like ten times. I almost cried watching him. Anyway, my mom called, and Brandi was able to tell her how happy Ethan was with her card. I think it was a real encouragement for her that while she “missed” the party, she still was “with” Ethan.


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