Voting Irregularities?

The only irregularities was that I saw more people at the polls than I have ever seen before. Here’s a picture of my starting line at my precinct. I got to the polls 15 minutes after they opened (7:15) because I knew I wouldn’t be able to go back tonight since I am headed to my mom’s. I left the polling precinct at 8:37. Long time in line, and they didn’t even have coffee and donuts inside. What kind of country do we live in? (JOKE)

In the picture below…my heels were touching the road where traffic was passing, and in the top right, you can kind of see the entrance to the building….don’t be deceived though. The door to the building was just an indication that you had about 30 minutes left before you actually got to vote.

The Line....

The Line....


2 thoughts on “Voting Irregularities?

  1. Whoa. You totally deserve a prize. There are some definite bonuses to living in a small town! I didn’t wait at all! And the coffee shop was giving out free cookies!

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