All done!!!!

No pictures yet, but the bedroom and hallway are finished, and the bathroom has all of the electrical, plumbing, and floor work completed. The cabinets should be in the week my grandmother arrives. Mom just called me to tell me that was so surprised! I had gotten a little bit nervous because she e-mailed us on Saturday, and I was afraid she would have checked my blog or facebook, but she said she didn’t have the time. She was so concerned because she knew I had my test this week, and she knew Brandi has been slammed at work since someone recently quit, but she was very thankful it was done. We’re thankful she’s home safely, and that she’s happy with the work.

Just a short re-cap of what was accomplished while they were there (which I am sure is more, but this is all I could fit into a 20 minute conversation). 202 kids were medically treated the first day, 225 the second, and the dental team pulled over 100 teeth last week. Many of the kids had their first teeth cleaning, and many construction projects were completed. Once she fills us all in, I’ll be sure to let you know some more exciting highlights from mom’s trip.


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