Did you miss us?

Life has been busier than normal here. No explanation why, but it has. My mom is back safely from Brazil, and she LOVED it. She already wants to go back. My grandmother will arrive on Friday, so we’re all quite excited. The past week was full of late-night mock trial meetings as my University team had their first competition this past weekend. They did pretty well for being a freshman team. I was quite proud of them. My middle school team competes this Saturday. Please pray for them as it’s the school’s first time ever competing in the competition.

On Saturday and Sunday, Jon and I worked hard to finish up the final touches on the kitchen (i.e. finishing the trim, outlets and switches, cleaning the floor, and hanging up the right light). I’m SO glad to have that project done, and for the very small amount of money we spent, I am very happy with the results.

Jon also had “the best haircut experience ever…even better than that place that lets you watch ESPN while you get your hair cut.” That’s what Jon said as I cut his hair while letting him play Halo. At least he can’t see how the back looks, right? Ha Ha.


This week I was in Charleston for an interim audit (work). While there, I got to eat with Deb K. (my other sister-in-law). 😉 Admit it Deb…you’re a Sutter. It was fun catching up and sharing what the Lord is doing. Still trying to twist her arm to come home for Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Did you miss us?

  1. Thanks for dinner, Ash! 🙂 It was good to see you & rejoice together at the Lord’s working.

    Hmm.. so if i’m part of the family, how come i don’t get a link to my blog? 😉 haha

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