Saturday excitement!

So, I couldn’t wait to post all of my Saturday excitement. Jon and I started our weekend by getting up early to go to my middle school mock trial competitions. Selfishly, I didn’t want our team to do too well because I was getting very burned out of coaching three teams, BUT I wanted them to do well so that they would continue to participate in the program for years to come, so I didn’t know how to pray. Well, God knows how to answer prayers in the best way possible. Our team finished second. We did not lose any of our rounds, instead, we lost on speaker points. Our team was SO excited, and they did VERY well in the rounds. I coached the defense side, and that’s who you will see in the pictures.

After the competition, Jon and I went to Haverty’s to buy nightstands for our bedroom. Another exciting thing because about two months ago, Jon and I went in and asked for 5% off which is the preferred customer discount. The woman was like “no, I can’t really do that” (which I knew she could if she wanted to). SO, we didn’t buy them that day. THEN, we got a 15% off coupon in my e-mail inbox. I love sales especially when I save more than I ever planned. I can’t wait to get them. They will be here on Tuesday. Don’t worry. I’ll post pics when we get them.

After our exciting purchase, we wanted to have a quiet, romantic lunch at Chik-fil-A. 😉 We evidently (by the pictures) chose the loudest Chik-fil-A on earth. They were having a Toys for Tots motorcycle rally, and there were at least 1000 bikers. It was rather funny. I had never seen so many bikers in one place. The pictures do not do the number of bikers justice.

Our house projects weren’t too exciting this weekend, cleaning, blowing leaves, and of course breaking out the Christmas decorations. I have strict rules that we can’t decorate a tree before Thanksgiving, so I settled for my mantle. I hope you enjoy. We started a tradition of buying decorations the day after Christmas…one of our purchases last year was our little Mr. and Mrs. Nutcrackers. See if you can find them in the picture.

And since Jon dubbed last tonight “No Movie Saturday” (no Joe and his buddies didn’t like it to much), we played games by the fire. Much more fun than movies if you ask me. It’s was an awesome weekend.


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