Yeah!!! for nightstands and ladders…

So, I am excited that I got my new nightstands (see pictures), BUT I was even more excited because I got Jon a present too. We have been pricing ladders because he needs to clean out our gutters, and we need to paint the ceiling and hallway in the staircase while the boys are away for Christmas. I don’t know if you have ever priced ladders, but they are EXPENSIVE. I was thinking an extension ladder would be perfect because he could use it in the house and outside with the gutters. He wanted a painter’s ladder, but either way the cheapest one was about $80  for the painter’s ladder and like $125+ for the extension ladder. Yes, we’re cheap, and we didn’t want to spend that. SO, I was checking my forever favorite website, AND I found a painter’s ladder AND an extension ladder for $50. How exciting. SO, my wonderful amazing sister who graciously acted as my delivery service last night picked up my nightstands AND my ladders. I never knew one could get so excited about ladders, but they really made my day.


2 thoughts on “Yeah!!! for nightstands and ladders…

  1. wow, those night stands look really great with your bed. you’re amazing at interior decoration, you know? whenever i get my own house, will you come help decorate it? 🙂

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