Jon and I celebrate Christmas early….

Since Jon and I are going to PA, we celebrated Christmas on Friday night. It all started when Jon e-mailed me Friday morning and asked me to go out on a date for Christmas. He took me to this fancy restaurant called The Peddler. We had a buy one get one coupon which is very helpful since the plates are about $30. Jon and I both got 8oz. Filet Mignons, an amazing salad bar, and we shared She-Crab soup for our appetizer. On our way home, we decided that if we had the house to ourselves we would celebrate Christmas. Selfishly, I was praying that Dan had plans with his friends. 😉 He did, so Jon and I celebrated.

We started with our stockings…Jon’s was filled mostly with candy and of course his favorite candy, Pop Rocks. Mine was filled with stamps for making cards. That was such a sweet stocking stuffer because I know that he went into his least favorite store…Hobby Lobby.

After that I got to give Jon his gifts. I felt bad because he didn’t have much to open because I had bought one big gift. His gifts included brand-new floor mats for his car (he was wanting them because when we bought his car, the driver’s side mat had a hole in it) and he got a Sony Blue-Ray Player which he has been wanting for months now.

Then, for the time that I got spoiled, and when I say spoiled I mean spoiled like a small kid inheriting a candy store. Jon started off by giving me some super cool slippers from Brookstone. They are pink and super squishy. Then he got me a fleece robe to match. Then, Jon gave me a jewelry cleaner from Brookstone. It was one of those gifts I wouldn’t have thought to ask for, but it’s awesome. It cleans by soundwave technology and water, and it actually works. Jon and I have already washed our wedding rings, watches, and glasses. After that came my most favortest gifts ever (improper grammar used on purpose). I got two awesome pairs of boots (One black pair and one brown pair). And to top all of those AWESOME gifts, he bought me a new dress coat. I’m still not sure how he knew what style I had been eyeing. I had not mentioned to ANYONE the coats that I had liked because I knew that I had just bought a coat last year. I still love my old coat, but this new one is amazing. You’ll see in pictures that it is SO stylish, and I just fell in love with it. I’m thankful for a husband who constantly spoils me. He always comes up with AMAZING gifts, and he treats me so much better than I could have ever asked for.

Check out the pictures, and don’t stop reading after you read this post, read about our awesome Christmas party (next post).


Our Christmas Party!!!!

We had about 15+ people at our house tonight for our first annual Christmas party. All of the people I had invited were people I had gone to school with, so I was a little nervous that Jon wouldn’t have a good time, but I think it went well!!! I was very proud of myself, because this was the first time ever that I threw a party and did all of the cooking and baking on my own. I started cooking at 1pm and finished ten minutes before guests started arriving at 7ish. I made homemade Molasses cookies (my favorite ever AND a big hit), meatballs, spinach dip, deviled eggs, a cheese ball, and celery sticks with peanut butter. I didn’t have many leftovers which was very encouraging to me.

While eating and talking, we had a mini-game. I had a glass Christmas tree filled with red and green M&M’s (both peanut and regular). Everyone got to guess how many were in there. We played that whoever got closest over or under won. Can you believe we had a tie? Out of all those people, we had a tie, so after breaking the tie my friend Becky who had just driven in from Ohio won the M&M’s.

Then we did a Christmas gift exchange. It was a lot of fun. Jon and I ended up with a $10 gift card to Starbucks. One of the couples actually got something they had been wanting, but didn’t want to spend the money on because it wasn’t a necessity. That was pretty exciting. After the gift exchange we played a very rowdy game of Catch Phrase where the boys beat the girls two rounds to one. After everyone was tired of Catch Phrase, we moved onto Mad Gab…which I am absolutely horrible at. I can’t hear the phrases in the garbled mess, and of course, it wouldn’t be a party if Jon didn’t get all of the boys to play Halo 3. He’s even playing now as I type at 12:03am.

All in all, the night was a wonderful success. I’m exhausted but so happy that it was so much fun, and I think everyone enjoyed themselves. I’m also thankful I got to catch up with all of my high school friends while being domesticated. 😉 Here’s some pic of the fun!!!

No worries, we will probably never be city dwellers….

I think we will always live in the Suburbs. I left at 3:30 today for Atlanta, GA as I have two days of training down here. The trip is usually two hours, but I didn’t check into my hotel until 6:30. Traffic coming into the city was at a 10mph pace, and the worst part is…I know the traffic out of the city was much worse. Rest assured, I will not be moving to a big city until jet packs are widely used. Although, in the big cities the hotels are much nicer…except I picked a hotel under construction so check-in is on the 27th floor and the power keeps randomly going out, but all in all pretty good. Check out my fancy room.

AND, what would be a trip away from home without HGTV…that’s right I am watching the Home and Garden TV channel. I’m learning how to tile a bathroom wall. ha ha. Not sure where I will use my new found knowledge, but either way interesting stuff. Anyway, well as much as I love HGTV, I need to be studying for my dreaded CPA exams, and for those of you that are prompted to ask “Have you received your scores from the last one.” NO, it’s been four weeks and no scores. I’m just as bummed as you all. No worries, I’ll tell you when I find out (that is if I pass).

Week in Review

I could review the week in one word . . . BLUR! I worked at a pretty cool client’s office last week. Well, the office wasn’t necessarily cool, but the factory was. It was an assembly plant for different parts for cars. They were assembling items for the BMW roadster, the Hummer H3, Chrysler products, and the list could go on. I also learned something new about cars. You know when your radiator is leaking, and you think to yourself “I smell Anti-freeze?” I learned that you don’t actually smell anti-freeze. You smell very hot plastic. Anti-freeze doesn’t really have a smell, but we associate the smell of hot plastic to the need for anti-freeze. To me that was interesting, and I had never thought of that. So there’s your piece of car knowledge for the day.

It’s been a very long weekend (Not necessarily a good thing). We did have spots of excitement. On Friday, we were very excited to go to our church’s Christmas program. They do things a bit differently to try to get more people to come to church who might not usually. The program is called Jingle Jazz, and it’s typically Jazz and Blue’s Christmas music. This year, they switched it up a bit. They did Christmas around the world. Through videos, costumes, decorations, and of course, FOOD, they took us through The Middle East, Africa, the Orient, Ireland, England, Mexico, Germany and of course Red-neck Nation. The videos were hilarious. Each video told us a little bit about the Christmas traditions of each country. We also got to eat Egg Rolls, Wassail, Chimaroos (sp?), Peppermint Ice cream (German…not sure the connection), Humus and Pita Bread, and I can’t think of any more. It was really good. My mom, sister, and Grandmother were also able to come with us which made it fun. Jon and I were a bit disappointed because the couple we had invited a few months ago cancelled earlier in the afternoon, but their seats did get filled by some random people who showed up without tickets. It was a nice couple from Toccoa Falls Bible College in GA. They were stopping through on their drive to Ohio. We were glad to have them join us.

On Saturday, we had another Christmas activity. Jon’s work was throwing their Christmas party. They threw it at a very fancy mansion in Greenville called the Poinsett Club. The food was AMAZING!!! way better than any Deloitte party we had ever been to. What was really neat about the party was the partners (who are not associated with Bob Jones in any way) opened the meal with Prayer. Again, that’s something that never happened at Deloitte. Praise the Lord for giving Jon a new job. They did a gift exchange which was pretty funny. We ended up with a serving dish and two bags of M&M’s…yes, they’re almost gone.

Last night, we had our Small Group Christmas party (are you seeing a theme?). It was a bitter-sweet time as our group will no longer be meeting. Our group was intended to prepare leaders to lead groups, so they don’t want all of the leaders staying in the same group. 😉 We are going to be moved to a young-married’s class we hope. Please pray that we find something as soon as small groups begin meeting again in about two weeks.

That’s about it. We’re ready for a break…EIGHT DAYS!!!!!


Jon’s goal this Christmas is to bring me into the 21st century. He has recently been gathering a list of movies that I haven’t seen and been getting them for me to watch. His mission started with It’s a Wonderful Life…I know I know…I don’t know how I made it 22 years without seeing it. It was an amazing movie that even made me tear up. Tonight’s movie was the cartoon version of “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.” Another really cute movie. He has a list of many others, and I’m pretty confident that I’ll be watching some Home Alones in the near future.

We head to PA in TWELVE days!!!!! Merry Christmas.

Long week. Glad to be over!

This week has been a long week. Jon has been trying to finish up an audit at this home supplier company. It’s rather funny the stories he tries to tell me. For example, he was trying to tell me about this inventory problem they had. Basically, they had an item on the books that had not been bought or sold in like three years. In accounting land, you’re supposed to move that to an obsolete account since it’s unlikely you’ll generate revenue from that item. Jon’s trying to tell me the process of how it’s wrong, and I stop to ask him what the item is (girls like details). The item was a bathroom light fixture…he tries to move on. I stop him. What does it look like? Jon: “I don’t know. It’s probably ugly if it hasn’t sold.” Ashleigh: Well, if it’s not ugly Brandi may want that for her bathroom (she has an unfinished bathroom right now). Jon’s frustration of his story lost on my home improvement mind was rather humorous. Never tell someone who loves home improvements about a product that might be discounted. ha ha.  Anyway, he’s been working very late nights…thankfully,  he’s been able to work from home which is always nice.

I had a slow beginning of the week and then I worked in North Carolina on Wednesday and Thursday. I hate travel days only because I have to ride with a co-worker who drives like a maniac (yes, more so than me). Those days may be coming close to an end though because he almost side-swiped a semi-trailer while he had me and the associate partner in the car. Rather funny. The audit was rather boring. I mean the company did admit to having fraud and someone in the company embezzling a substantial amount of money, but what’s the fun of auditing if they tell you up front? Man, some people. 😉

The boys are doing well. Final exams are just around the corner. Last night Dan finished up his final big project in his writing class. He asked me to proof-read it. He may regret that now since it took me almost three hours to mark it up. Hopefully, he does well. I know they are excited to get a break from us, but Praise the Lord that the living arrangements have been great and no one hates each other yet (well, they haven’t told me if they do, ha ha).

Now, I’m back in the office . . . updating all of you, counting the minutes until I get to eat lunch with my hubby, pick up the Jensen album, and then of course GO HOME! Much love to all, and it’s only 19 days until I get to go to my second home for Christmas!

Thanksgiving…come and gone

Crazy to think another Thanksgiving has passed. Jon and I have so much to be thankful for. Jon started a tradition last year that before you could sit down at the table, you had to go around and say something you were thankful for. He had strict rules though…you weren’t allowed to repeat anyone or use something that was similar to someone else’s praise. This year’s praises ranged from jobs, cars, places to live, and people. Praise the Lord for everything we have. The day started early as my sister thought she should start a home makeover project Thursday morning (yes, we were having dinner at her house). It would have been one thing if it were her bathroom or living room, but it was the dining room. 😉 So, she took the popcorn ceiling down (yes, it’s an inherited trait that we all hate it), I helped clean up and take down the wallpaper. THEN, my wonderful husband and brother-in-law delivered the chairs that we would be sitting in. That was another thing to be thankful for. Brandi needed ten chairs for this beautiful table she had won at an auction. She got it for $200, but the table was actually purchased for $3400 like two years earlier. Anyway, on Wednesday we went to Garden Ridge because they had chairs Buy One get One at 50% off. Well, Brandi decided she should wait on the chairs because she wanted to get a really good deal. The next day (Thanksgiving morning) they were 50% off for all of the chairs, so she got the deal she was looking for.

On Friday, we broke our Black Friday tradition by sleeping in. We went to my mom’s house to work on the project that we had planned to finish. Jon went home a bit earlier than me to get some studying done, but I got about 85% of my project completed which felt nice. My mom and Grandma drove me home, and to my surprise Joey was on my roof and then appeared Jon. The two very sweet men were hanging my Christmas lights. This was very surprising to me because Jon and I weren’t sure if it could be done with the slope of our roof, but they did an amazing job.

And, what would a weekend be without a house project? You got it. I painted our hallway this weekend. It was kind of a continuation of the kitchen project because it got started at the same time as the kitchen due to the popcorn ceiling. We will be doing the upstairs hallway while the boys are home on Christmas break, so I thought it would be good to finish this portion now so that we aren’t rushed at Christmas, AND the downstairs doesn’t look like a construction project now. We also decorated our tree, and I got to watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the very first time!!! What a great movie and a reminder that we impact a lot of people in life.

Well, that’s our holiday in a nut shell….well maybe not that small, but you get the idea. I will post pics later today. I have somehow misplaced the camera cord. Happy Belated Thanksgiving.