Thanksgiving…come and gone

Crazy to think another Thanksgiving has passed. Jon and I have so much to be thankful for. Jon started a tradition last year that before you could sit down at the table, you had to go around and say something you were thankful for. He had strict rules though…you weren’t allowed to repeat anyone or use something that was similar to someone else’s praise. This year’s praises ranged from jobs, cars, places to live, and people. Praise the Lord for everything we have. The day started early as my sister thought she should start a home makeover project Thursday morning (yes, we were having dinner at her house). It would have been one thing if it were her bathroom or living room, but it was the dining room. 😉 So, she took the popcorn ceiling down (yes, it’s an inherited trait that we all hate it), I helped clean up and take down the wallpaper. THEN, my wonderful husband and brother-in-law delivered the chairs that we would be sitting in. That was another thing to be thankful for. Brandi needed ten chairs for this beautiful table she had won at an auction. She got it for $200, but the table was actually purchased for $3400 like two years earlier. Anyway, on Wednesday we went to Garden Ridge because they had chairs Buy One get One at 50% off. Well, Brandi decided she should wait on the chairs because she wanted to get a really good deal. The next day (Thanksgiving morning) they were 50% off for all of the chairs, so she got the deal she was looking for.

On Friday, we broke our Black Friday tradition by sleeping in. We went to my mom’s house to work on the project that we had planned to finish. Jon went home a bit earlier than me to get some studying done, but I got about 85% of my project completed which felt nice. My mom and Grandma drove me home, and to my surprise Joey was on my roof and then appeared Jon. The two very sweet men were hanging my Christmas lights. This was very surprising to me because Jon and I weren’t sure if it could be done with the slope of our roof, but they did an amazing job.

And, what would a weekend be without a house project? You got it. I painted our hallway this weekend. It was kind of a continuation of the kitchen project because it got started at the same time as the kitchen due to the popcorn ceiling. We will be doing the upstairs hallway while the boys are home on Christmas break, so I thought it would be good to finish this portion now so that we aren’t rushed at Christmas, AND the downstairs doesn’t look like a construction project now. We also decorated our tree, and I got to watch It’s a Wonderful Life for the very first time!!! What a great movie and a reminder that we impact a lot of people in life.

Well, that’s our holiday in a nut shell….well maybe not that small, but you get the idea. I will post pics later today. I have somehow misplaced the camera cord. Happy Belated Thanksgiving.

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