Long week. Glad to be over!

This week has been a long week. Jon has been trying to finish up an audit at this home supplier company. It’s rather funny the stories he tries to tell me. For example, he was trying to tell me about this inventory problem they had. Basically, they had an item on the books that had not been bought or sold in like three years. In accounting land, you’re supposed to move that to an obsolete account since it’s unlikely you’ll generate revenue from that item. Jon’s trying to tell me the process of how it’s wrong, and I stop to ask him what the item is (girls like details). The item was a bathroom light fixture…he tries to move on. I stop him. What does it look like? Jon: “I don’t know. It’s probably ugly if it hasn’t sold.” Ashleigh: Well, if it’s not ugly Brandi may want that for her bathroom (she has an unfinished bathroom right now). Jon’s frustration of his story lost on my home improvement mind was rather humorous. Never tell someone who loves home improvements about a product that might be discounted. ha ha.  Anyway, he’s been working very late nights…thankfully,  he’s been able to work from home which is always nice.

I had a slow beginning of the week and then I worked in North Carolina on Wednesday and Thursday. I hate travel days only because I have to ride with a co-worker who drives like a maniac (yes, more so than me). Those days may be coming close to an end though because he almost side-swiped a semi-trailer while he had me and the associate partner in the car. Rather funny. The audit was rather boring. I mean the company did admit to having fraud and someone in the company embezzling a substantial amount of money, but what’s the fun of auditing if they tell you up front? Man, some people. 😉

The boys are doing well. Final exams are just around the corner. Last night Dan finished up his final big project in his writing class. He asked me to proof-read it. He may regret that now since it took me almost three hours to mark it up. Hopefully, he does well. I know they are excited to get a break from us, but Praise the Lord that the living arrangements have been great and no one hates each other yet (well, they haven’t told me if they do, ha ha).

Now, I’m back in the office . . . updating all of you, counting the minutes until I get to eat lunch with my hubby, pick up the Jensen album, and then of course GO HOME! Much love to all, and it’s only 19 days until I get to go to my second home for Christmas!

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