Week in Review

I could review the week in one word . . . BLUR! I worked at a pretty cool client’s office last week. Well, the office wasn’t necessarily cool, but the factory was. It was an assembly plant for different parts for cars. They were assembling items for the BMW roadster, the Hummer H3, Chrysler products, and the list could go on. I also learned something new about cars. You know when your radiator is leaking, and you think to yourself “I smell Anti-freeze?” I learned that you don’t actually smell anti-freeze. You smell very hot plastic. Anti-freeze doesn’t really have a smell, but we associate the smell of hot plastic to the need for anti-freeze. To me that was interesting, and I had never thought of that. So there’s your piece of car knowledge for the day.

It’s been a very long weekend (Not necessarily a good thing). We did have spots of excitement. On Friday, we were very excited to go to our church’s Christmas program. They do things a bit differently to try to get more people to come to church who might not usually. The program is called Jingle Jazz, and it’s typically Jazz and Blue’s Christmas music. This year, they switched it up a bit. They did Christmas around the world. Through videos, costumes, decorations, and of course, FOOD, they took us through The Middle East, Africa, the Orient, Ireland, England, Mexico, Germany and of course Red-neck Nation. The videos were hilarious. Each video told us a little bit about the Christmas traditions of each country. We also got to eat Egg Rolls, Wassail, Chimaroos (sp?), Peppermint Ice cream (German…not sure the connection), Humus and Pita Bread, and I can’t think of any more. It was really good. My mom, sister, and Grandmother were also able to come with us which made it fun. Jon and I were a bit disappointed because the couple we had invited a few months ago cancelled earlier in the afternoon, but their seats did get filled by some random people who showed up without tickets. It was a nice couple from Toccoa Falls Bible College in GA. They were stopping through on their drive to Ohio. We were glad to have them join us.

On Saturday, we had another Christmas activity. Jon’s work was throwing their Christmas party. They threw it at a very fancy mansion in Greenville called the Poinsett Club. The food was AMAZING!!! way better than any Deloitte party we had ever been to. What was really neat about the party was the partners (who are not associated with Bob Jones in any way) opened the meal with Prayer. Again, that’s something that never happened at Deloitte. Praise the Lord for giving Jon a new job. They did a gift exchange which was pretty funny. We ended up with a serving dish and two bags of M&M’s…yes, they’re almost gone.

Last night, we had our Small Group Christmas party (are you seeing a theme?). It was a bitter-sweet time as our group will no longer be meeting. Our group was intended to prepare leaders to lead groups, so they don’t want all of the leaders staying in the same group. 😉 We are going to be moved to a young-married’s class we hope. Please pray that we find something as soon as small groups begin meeting again in about two weeks.

That’s about it. We’re ready for a break…EIGHT DAYS!!!!!

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