No worries, we will probably never be city dwellers….

I think we will always live in the Suburbs. I left at 3:30 today for Atlanta, GA as I have two days of training down here. The trip is usually two hours, but I didn’t check into my hotel until 6:30. Traffic coming into the city was at a 10mph pace, and the worst part is…I know the traffic out of the city was much worse. Rest assured, I will not be moving to a big city until jet packs are widely used. Although, in the big cities the hotels are much nicer…except I picked a hotel under construction so check-in is on the 27th floor and the power keeps randomly going out, but all in all pretty good. Check out my fancy room.

AND, what would be a trip away from home without HGTV…that’s right I am watching the Home and Garden TV channel. I’m learning how to tile a bathroom wall. ha ha. Not sure where I will use my new found knowledge, but either way interesting stuff. Anyway, well as much as I love HGTV, I need to be studying for my dreaded CPA exams, and for those of you that are prompted to ask “Have you received your scores from the last one.” NO, it’s been four weeks and no scores. I’m just as bummed as you all. No worries, I’ll tell you when I find out (that is if I pass).

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