Resolution Check-ups

Okay, so resolutions are going pretty well. The only one that I am doing horribly at is my consumption of coke. 😉 We should be good though because we don’t have any more coke at home. Marathon training is still going well. I’m up to the point of running for 2o solid minutes which is about 2 miles and walking 10 minutes. The Bible Study is going well. I’m working through the book of Ruth and learning quite a bit about patience and resting in God. CPA studying is going well and my next exam is scheduled for February 27th. In regards to my graduate courses, I am working on my application which is due March 15th. I’m 4-5 chapters into my book Eat to Live. It’s pretty good and has changed how many fruits and veggies Jon and I eat. In the pictures, you will see us using our awesome new dishes as well as all of our healthy meals. It’s actually saved us some money and helped me to cook more food. Jon and I spent tonight making little baggies of fruits and vegetables to take to work. Matter of fact, we’re eating a recipe from Ashley tomorrow night called Spinach Tortellini. We tried Mom and Emily’s Chili recipe last week and LOVED it. Matter of fact, the picture of my mom, sister, and grandma is us enjoying some of that awesome Chili. Pretty cool stuff. And, last but not least…in regards to my “encouraging notes,” I am working on making them with the stamps Emily gave me at Christmas. Here are a couple that I made.

So, besides resolutions, we have not had anything too exciting happen to us. Our friends F.B. and Joy (the people we painted their house awhile ago) had their baby. Her name was Phoebe Elise-Madeline. She was 21inches long and 7.5 lbs. Joy wanted to do a water-birth and an all-natural approach. It seemed to go all well. She did end up having to go to the hospital for a transfusion, but the family is all home and safe now. We also are having new windows put into our house this week. As you can see from the pictures, we have multiple holes in our windows throughout the house, and the high winds have pushed us over the edge. So, I’ll post pics when the new windows (and blinds) are up…Yes, new blinds too. I saved over $200  between coupons and sales on our blinds. I was SO excited. Well, that’s all for now. Have a great week.

NOTE: Thanks to Amy for teaching me about how to make a collage.



4 thoughts on “Resolution Check-ups

  1. Ashleigh, I did not know that you were into making hand stamped note cards of encouragement!!! I received one from you and it did indeed impress me and encourage me! Grandma B

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