Did you miss us?

Have you wondered where we went? This time of year will be …until Jon and I retire or change professions our busiest times of year. One week Jon worked from 8am to 1am….talk about exhaustion. Thankfully, I was away on business so he got more accomplished, and I was able to spend a lot of time studying. About a week ago, Jon got a report from his boss that ANOTHER client requested that he come back to do their audit next year. I am so proud of him. It’s such a blessing to be appreciated for your work, and I’m very proud that the many hours he puts in are being rewarded


I’m going to try to re-cap some things Jon and I have been doing over the past two weeks. Hopefully, you don’t get bored. Basically, I’ll start at Valentine’s/Dan’s b-day weekend up until now. Jon and I have been working a ton, but it didn’t keep us from enjoying another V-day together. On Friday, I picked up Rachel (Joe’s girlfriend) from the airport to surprise him. It was like pulling teeth to get Joe to meet me to have Rachel surprise him, but it was worth it. The four of us went to Outback for supper to celebrate. After we got home, I gave Jon his gift…a DEEP FRYER. Jon was so excited. On Saturday, we all watched Fireproof together, which was an awesome movie. I can’t wait to watch it again.


On Sunday, the three couples, my mom, sister, and grandma all enjoyed the rare meal of Spaghetti. Dan had requested fresh bread, so Jon made him some fresh garlic cheese bread and a chocolate cake. It was nice to have everyone stay over for the day and play games. Unfortunately, I was a bad hostess. The day before one of my high school teachers had give me SIX rose bushes to transplant and some Hydrangea bushes. I was SO excited. I got about $80 worth of flowers and bushes for free. Well, since they were being transplanted, I had to get them planted right away so my mom helped me plant them all.


While out in the garden, I was so excited to notice that my tulips have begun popping through the ground. The chipmunks kept uncovering my bulbs last fall so I wasn’t sure they would grow, but the Lord let them. This past weekend, Jon and I planted some veggies and flowers in some plastic cups in the house. It was a fun activity, and it’s been fun watching the little seeds turn into flowers….my flowers are growing quicker than Jon’s veggies, but all in due time. 😉

Today, I took another section of my CPA exam. It feels good to have another one behind me. I feel it went okay…I’m not sure if I passed, but I do know the Lord answered my prayer to calm me during the test and to limit the number of formula questions. Tomorrow, my high school students will compete at the regional competition. I have had to leave them in the hands of a friend of mine from back in my high school days. The Lord really allowed him to step up and help me out, and I really appreciate it. Well, I will write later. My schedule will hopefully slow down soon. Have a great weekend…I know I will. Enjoy some pictures.


A few praises

I haven’t had much time to write, but I wanted to share some exciting things that have been happening in my life. First, I have had a friend in Michigan that has been like my big brother for as long as I can remember. I met him when I was 7 or so while he was a student at BJU doing our lawnwork on the weekends. Anyway, through growing up I have continued to maintain our friendship, gain his advice, pray for him and what not. I can’t remember when, but he made some unwise choices while at BJU and got expelled. I prayed that the Lord would bring him back to BJU to finish his degree. God did! He continued to go on to the Michigan State Trooper Academy. I would frequently call to see how it was going since Michigan’s academy is one of the most grueling. I continued to pray for him. I was proud to watch him graduate almost 7 years ago. As time passed, he was a great encouragement to me during the constant struggle of my family life, but more because he would just encourage me to do right, not necessarily bring me back to Jesus for my strength. He always promised me that he would come to my high school graduation. Due to an unwise choice, he missed my high school graduation. At this point, you might be thinking…not much of a friend…but it all happen for a reason. He missed my high school graduation because his daughter was due at any time (She’s going to be 5 this July, and she’s SO precious). While I missed that he missed the exciting times in my life, I am excited now about one thing and one thing only. He has realized the Joy of Christ. He has been saved this whole time, that has never been a doubt of mine, but he hasn’t been enjoying the life of a believer walking in the Spirit’s path. The last few times I have spoken with him I could tell something about him was different….a good different. It was a joy talking to him this week as he was telling me about his new church, about his devotions, his desire to witness, his witness ing experiences, and just an overall joy in God and his life. I can’t begin to tell you what a spriritual refresher it is to know that God answers prayers in the lives of those you love.

Secondly, Jon and I started our new small group. The Lord continues to bless. We were very disappointed when our previous group ended because we had fallen in love with everyone in our group. The leader of the group said he would find something else for us. It had been almost four weeks and we had not heard anything. I began praying that the Lord would help us find something. Our busiest time of the year was approaching, and I knew that the only way to make it through would be to rely on God’s strength. The next day, I was leaving the grocery store, and I ran into a couple who was in our previous group. They invited us to join the group they were starting. We went to our first meeting Sunday, and there were 6 couples there ranging in age from us as the youngest to probably a 55 year-old couple. This past week we told our “background” and there are so many people that I can learn from in that group. Praise the Lord for answering my prayer and answering it so quickly. We will be doing the Peacemaker study that we started in our previous group.

Finally, my sister Becki. As a few of you know, I met with my sister a while back, and I felt like it the meeting didn’t go well….because, well, it didn’t. I continued to pray that the Lord would help our situation because divorce shouldn’t tear the siblings apart. Well, it’s been a long road and still a slow road, but I wanted to share some exciting things. First, Becki and the kids came to my birthday dinner a couple weeks ago. The next weekend, she invited Jon and me to Madelyn’s birthday party and while there gave me a cake and a present, and then they were able to come to a superbowl party at my other sister’s house. The pictures in the link below are of time with all of us together. It was very refreshing, and I really enjoyed spending time with my sister and her kids. http://picasaweb.google.com/ashleigh.sutter/EthanAndMadelyn?authkey=fTZNMFYc2RA#

Of all of the things above, the book I have been reading proves true. Just because you pray for something and don’t see results doesn’t mean that God isn’t working.

So, Sping is here and the 70 degree weather too!!!

Not much to write today, well there is, but I’m a bit tired. I worked a full day yesterday, and when I got home my sweet husband had done everything on the “honey-do” list even though I never told him what was on it. How amazing. I was so thankful. He got rid of all of our leaves, fixed our door, hung up blinds, cleaned the bathroom, and the list goes on. What a great hubby.

Today, the work continued. We had a lot of house projects that needed to be fixed up or cleaned, so I was very happy to get that stuff behind me. Here are a few pics from our weekend adventures. Oh, and we had our first small group tonight. I can’t wait to write and share with you about that.