Did you miss us?

Have you wondered where we went? This time of year will be …until Jon and I retire or change professions our busiest times of year. One week Jon worked from 8am to 1am….talk about exhaustion. Thankfully, I was away on business so he got more accomplished, and I was able to spend a lot of time studying. About a week ago, Jon got a report from his boss that ANOTHER client requested that he come back to do their audit next year. I am so proud of him. It’s such a blessing to be appreciated for your work, and I’m very proud that the many hours he puts in are being rewarded


I’m going to try to re-cap some things Jon and I have been doing over the past two weeks. Hopefully, you don’t get bored. Basically, I’ll start at Valentine’s/Dan’s b-day weekend up until now. Jon and I have been working a ton, but it didn’t keep us from enjoying another V-day together. On Friday, I picked up Rachel (Joe’s girlfriend) from the airport to surprise him. It was like pulling teeth to get Joe to meet me to have Rachel surprise him, but it was worth it. The four of us went to Outback for supper to celebrate. After we got home, I gave Jon his gift…a DEEP FRYER. Jon was so excited. On Saturday, we all watched Fireproof together, which was an awesome movie. I can’t wait to watch it again.


On Sunday, the three couples, my mom, sister, and grandma all enjoyed the rare meal of Spaghetti. Dan had requested fresh bread, so Jon made him some fresh garlic cheese bread and a chocolate cake. It was nice to have everyone stay over for the day and play games. Unfortunately, I was a bad hostess. The day before one of my high school teachers had give me SIX rose bushes to transplant and some Hydrangea bushes. I was SO excited. I got about $80 worth of flowers and bushes for free. Well, since they were being transplanted, I had to get them planted right away so my mom helped me plant them all.


While out in the garden, I was so excited to notice that my tulips have begun popping through the ground. The chipmunks kept uncovering my bulbs last fall so I wasn’t sure they would grow, but the Lord let them. This past weekend, Jon and I planted some veggies and flowers in some plastic cups in the house. It was a fun activity, and it’s been fun watching the little seeds turn into flowers….my flowers are growing quicker than Jon’s veggies, but all in due time. 😉

Today, I took another section of my CPA exam. It feels good to have another one behind me. I feel it went okay…I’m not sure if I passed, but I do know the Lord answered my prayer to calm me during the test and to limit the number of formula questions. Tomorrow, my high school students will compete at the regional competition. I have had to leave them in the hands of a friend of mine from back in my high school days. The Lord really allowed him to step up and help me out, and I really appreciate it. Well, I will write later. My schedule will hopefully slow down soon. Have a great weekend…I know I will. Enjoy some pictures.


2 thoughts on “Did you miss us?

  1. Lots of activities!! Planting rose bushes in Feb??? Unbelieveable! Nice to see the pics of your Valentine’s weekend and Dan’s birthday party!!! Grandma

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