Blizzard to Spring in 5 days

Today it was high 80’s, and it was beautiful!!! Yesterday, I left work a bit early to enjoy the beauty. I called my sister (who was staying at my mom’s) to see if I could come play with the kids. She said yes, and she actually left me with the kids while she and mom went shopping. While they were away, we all sat/played in the back yard and tried to get some pictures. It was so fun to be with them. Afterwards, Jon and I went to play tennis with a friend of mine from high school and his wife. We went to dinner together and then we went to play some more games. It was a great night of fellowship.

Jon and I spent this afternoon working on the house. Jon scrubbed down our porch and hung some shingles on our roof while I battled this giant bush we have…it’s a pompass grass bush so it’s miserable to deal with, but it looks much better now. AND, of course, our babies got to sit in the sun for a bit today. Look at how much they have grown…..


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