Some more pictures of our daughter….

We have really enjoyed our first two nights with our beautiful daughter….I went to work this morning and missed her ALL day. She got to go to the puppy salon and the vet for the very first time. Everyone raved that she did a wonderful job, and she was the star of Petsmart….everyone wanted to come pet her. We also had everyone over last night, and she does so well with the kids. Enjoy our little girl…..


4 thoughts on “Some more pictures of our daughter….

  1. Any good sales, Jon? Corn Beef is on sale this week b/c of St Patty’s Day. We’re going to try some on Tuesday. Your dog is so cute….but….we’re still waiting for the “story” of her birth!

  2. AWWW!! Lexi is very cute! Its good that Daddy is already teaching her the Sutter Fundimentals of shopping!! Very cute!!

  3. Oh my, I love Emily’s comment and Amy’s goes along with it!!! You both seem very happy with your new addition!!! Enjoy! Love, Grandma B

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