We serve a creative and intentional Lord!

I know I haven’t written in a long time, but it’s because I have been busy enjoying life. Work is still a bit crazy at times. I have been doing a lot of tax returns. I have been doing individuals, corporate, and partnership taxes. Did you know that the Internal Revenue Code is confusing and convoluded?  I’m in the process of my last regular audit this week which is kind of excited. It means I have almost survived my first audit season and that I will be getting my Saturdays back soon.

As you know, Jon and I have been working hard on our gardens. Jon planted most of his veggies today and a couple of my flowers. We had also bought some marigolds to keep the bugs away and some petunias for my hanging basket and around the mailbox. We had also bought a new bench for our swing because it was anyday that someone would fall and break their neck because the old bench had rotted. WELL, Jon was creative enough to make the bench of the old swing useful in our veggie garden. He made the seat portion a wall for the beanstalks to climb up. I think it looks really cool in the garden. I want to make a sign of some sort for the top of the bench, but who knows.  Hopefully, you like the pictures. Spring is such an amazing time of year. It’s been SO much fun to watch these little seeds or bulbs that God made grow into plants and beautiful flowers.

Lexi has been doing well. She has developed a very fun personality. She likes to play outside with Jon and me, and she does this cute little bark if she isn’t included in what you’re doing. We’re still working on the potty training. Accidents are very few and far between, it seems to happen only when she is being watched by a male…. She only spends the day in her cage other than that she is out playing with us which is a ton of fun. She likes playing fetch with a golf ball which is a bit strange, but she likes it. She just learned how to go down the stairs today. She learned how to come up the stairs last week , but if she wanted back down, she would just stand at the top and wimper until you came to carry her down. She got her first set of shots last week and the vet said we need to bring her back often because she is so cute. On Saturday, we took her to the dog park that is in downtown Greenville. I was a bit nervous since she is still so small, but she did really well, and she was the star of the park. She doubled her weight in one week according to the vet…Jon is hoping that is not a regular occurence. 😉

Well, I better get going. I need to do a bit of work tonight, and I would like to relax…I know it’s  foreign term, but I need to start studying this weekend for my next exam so I better take advantage while I can.


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