The economy is not bad…..

My view on the economy is a simple one. We have sin nature, and we are all greedy. I know some may read this and back away saying “I’m not greedy.” Okay, so maybe you’re not greedy, but are you content? I’ll give two examples why I think our country, myself included, are greedy, discontent people.


Jon and I make it a habit of reading through the sale ads in our FREE newspaper on Wednesdays. I was reading through the Bi-Lo ad, one of our local grocery stores, and noted an interesting page. The sides of the page had the word essentials written on it. Let me list a few of the “essential” items that were there: Ice Cream, Ice Cream Bars, Coke, Pizza Rolls, Crinkle Cut French Fries, Cocoa Puffs, Master of mixes (alcoholic), Martini Gold Cocktail mixers, and much more. NOW, those are not bad things…well a couple of them may be, but my issue is when did Ice Cream become an “essential” in our world. Why aren’t we just thankful to have meat on our tables rather than just rice? We have lost sight of what we need. I have a very hard time hearing people complain about how poor they are, but they have the new I-phone or some similar expensive toy. I’m guilty of this as well. Frequently, I see a car that I may want to replace my Buick, but the key word of that sentence is WANT. I don’t NEED a new car….yes, it would be nice, but it’s not essential to my survival.


So, you say, “I don’t fall into that category.” Well, now to you, how many of you in the last six months have said “this weather is miserable?” I sometimes wonder what God thinks of us…Take for example, two weeks ago, we had some AWESOME weather that started on Monday, and when I say awesome I mean it was mid 70’s, light breeze, birds chirping, sun shining weather. The meteorologists were calling for rain Friday through Sunday. I did not hear one person say this weather is gorgeous….you know what I heard “the weather is supposed to be dismal this weekend.” I think God sometimes sits in heaven going, “What do they want?” They complain about too much rain, they complain about too much sun, they complain about too much this they complain about too much that.” I’m thankful God doesn’t get tired of our complaining, and when I say get tired, I mean he doesn’t kick us out the front door and say FINE you do it and have it your way.


So, I’m not sure what prompted me to write this, maybe a boiling point of frustration at complainers in our world, or unwise spenders, or greedy discontent people, but BE THANKFUL. We are all blessed far more than we deserve even in this “bad” economy. Without God, we wouldn’t have ANYTHING, but somehow, we are so quickly to let even simple complaints about the weather come off our tongue.


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