Lexi Love

So, tonight is the first night of Puppy Training. I’m rather excited. Although, from the picture below, we have pretty much trained her how to sit and stay. Hopefully, she doesn’t embarass the other puppies too bad. I mean I’m already a bit concerned that she’ll steal all of the attention from the teacher as she is the cutest dog in the world. The poor thing is still sick, so hopefully, she will be back to normal in another week. Thankfully, she doesn’t need any more medicine. Jon is coming to the realization, she might be an “expensive” child to have. We have been through one bag of dog food in almost 3 weeks, and he thinks that’s bad, and when I say one bag of food, I mean a 6lb. bag of food.

We had small group at our house on Sunday night because our host family was at a wedding. It was a lot of fun, and it’s so funny how small our house feels with lots of people, but how huge it feels with just Jon and me. I guess it’s a good thing we like to entertain.  I started tearing down the ceiling in the hallway on Saturday, so I’m pretty excited to get that finished. Jon’s office (currently, Dan’s bedroom) is next on the chopping block for remodel. It’s going to be his b-day present…which is kind of fun because he told me I can use my “Creative genius” to decorate it, and he won’t see the colors and what not until I’m done.

Work is going well. Audit season is over, and tax season is moving into the less stressful stage. Basically, anyone that we haven’t filed their return yet has been extended until October, so we can work on them at our leisure. Studying is not going so well. I found out that I did NOT pass my second section. I failed by 7 points. Wow, what a miserable feeling?  I have my next exam sometime in May, and I’m extremely nervous because it’s supposed to be the hardest exam, and I’m only 11 pages into the book.

I start official marathon training tomorrow. I’m nervous, but excited to start getting into shape and hopefully, meeting my goal of finishing a marathon. Well, that’s all I can think to update you on at this point. Have an awesome week!!!!

Lexi Love

Lexi Love


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