Joe deserves credit

Last night I came home from my spinning class at 7:45. I had a lot on my plate. I needed to study and clean my disaster site that is also known as my house. I walked in to find a SUPER clean kitchen with a little candle lit on the counter. I was VERY thankful to see the sink empty, the counters washed, the floors swept, etc. I walked into the living room to thank Joe (Dan had been gone all day….I’m sure most know why, but if you not, you def need to ask him) 😉 When I walked into the living room, Joe wasn’t there, BUT what was there was another spotless room in my house. The piano had been dusted and straightened, the coffee table the same, the floors swept and vacuumed, and all of my clutter combined into an easy, sortable stack. WOW, was I thankful. To top it off, he even bought sodas to enjoy with the supper I brought home for the two of us (Jon worked until 11 last night, so it was Joe & Ash night at the Sutter house…I’m not much fun as far as company goes because I was studying for most of the time, but it was still enjoyable.

Well, I’m super excited about an awesome weekend. Dan graduates tomorrow, and the family will arrive this afternoon. We are having a cookout at our place tomorrow for lunch in celebration of Dan’s graduation and now his engagement. 😉

Well, since I’m leaving work early today, I came into work at 7, so I better get back to it, so I can still leave early.

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