Distractions have given way to blogging…..

SO, praise the Lord, I have been given time at work to study. I have been taking advantage of it. . .well, with the exception of the time I take to write this blog, and that’s only because I have spent 6.5 hours studying. My head is about to pop, and the sad part is there is still so much more to fit in.

Nothing too new to report at the homestead. Jon and I are pleased to report that we have no more children living with us. That’s right, Joe and Dan moved out last weekend. It’s bittersweet to see them go. Jon and I are looking forward to being “newlyweds” again for the next 3.5 months. Joe will be moving back in with us to finish up his last two years at BJU. We were so proud to see Dan graduate last Saturday cum laude…great job, AND he proposed to Isabelle, so we have ANOTHER wedding. I guess that is the downsize to marrying into a big family. ha ha. That’s four weddings in 31 months. CRAZY. Thankfully, Joe is taking the monastic approach (not literally), but waiting 5 years before marrying. Here are some pics from the past weekend. http://www.new.facebook.com/album.php?aid=251698&id=603205205&l=44bf4b4d7f

SO, I always enjoy feedback from my blog, and I wanted to respond to a complaint that I received. “You don’t write much about your family…We always hear about the Sutters.” So, in response, I would like to dedicate the rest of my post on updating you about my family.

My Mom

My Mom

My mom (who I didn’t get to see on Mother’s Day) is the hardest working person I have ever met. As long as I can remember, she has worked two jobs, and she would always put her needs/wants behind what we as kids wanted. Even now, she puts aside doing jobs she may want to do in order to watch my niece and nephew or something like that. She even comes to help on projects at my house. A couple months back, she spent the afternoon helping me plant rose bushes, and she has agreed to help me re-do Jon’s room one weekend in June. She is very involved in her church and is continually striving to be a woman of God. It’s been encouraging to see the transformation in her life over the past few years.

Brandi…oh, Brandi. She is the entertainer of our family. She frequently has all of us over for food or cookouts. Her dog (beast) Molly is as sweet and loving as can be and enjoys everyone’s attention when we are there. Unfortunately for my mom, Brandi’s Rook (card game) skills aren’t as good as her entertaining skills. Jon and I enjoy playing games with mom and Brandi, but they frequently lose due to Brandi’s above mentioned skills. She is currently working at Penske Truck Leasing and loving it. If you ever need a Penske truck, she’s your gal. Sorry no pics of Brandi on my computer. They have been backed up on the external hard drive. ;-(

The Family

The Family

Becki, Dallas, Ethan, & Madelyn…what can you say about the cutest kids in the world. Becki is trying to compete with my mom for the hardest working person position. She is juggling three part-time jobs. Basically, she’s a genius when it comes to medical insurance billing and medicare/medicaid, so everyone wants her. It’s a great quality (everyone wanting you) to have in this economy. Somehow, she is also raising two of the cutest kids in the world. Ethan and Madelyn are my pride and joy. Ethan is 3.5, and Madelyn is 16 months. Jon and I get to watch them tomorrow night, and we are pretty excited.

My puppy

My puppy

Jon and Lexi – the loves of my life. What more can be said? I don’t know where I would be without them. My wonderful hubby is taking me on a fancy date tonight. I’m not sure what the occasion is, but I’m excited to go.

Me – My life consists of studying. I’m stressing about my exam next week, but I am praying for peace, and I can feel it if I’m patient enough. God has blessed me with so many things…great family and friends, a great church, a wonderful small group, a challenging job, and a desire to never stop learning. I’m blessed beyond my imagination.

That’s all for now…Any more complaints? let me know.

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