YEAH. What a great feeling? How am I celebrating. Eating a big bowl of ice cream after my spin class and studying for my next exam. I have two more to go!!! Thank you for your prayers, but keep them coming. I have two more exams to go. The next one I will take sometime in July, and it’s the one I failed. The Lord truly blessed me with this exam as it’s supposed to be the hardest of the four. I truly need to thank Jon too. He made me a very intense study schedule, and I stuck to it faithfully…he even helped me study along the way. Thank you Jon. I love you, and I can’t wait to be a CPA like you!!!!


Yesterday…in history

TWO YEARS ago yesterday…..I married Jon Sutter. Time has flown, but I have loved every minute of it…even the hard times. The Lord has blessed me far beyond what I deserve. For our anniversary, Jon took me to Outback which is one of my favorite restaurants primarily due to the unhealthy cheese fries. He also got me a beautiful bouqet of Orange roses with white daisies….awesome taste as usual. He got a special treat for dessert. He got some peanut butter fudge and chocolate fudge. He has been eyeing it for weeks, so I thought it would be an appropriate time to get some.

Here’s some pics of Jon’s office that I re-did for his birthday. I’m still working on the little accent pieces, but I hope you enjoy as much as he says he does.

Day in the life of married accountants

Yet another complaint… updates on your blog, so here it goes. You will get to read what it’s like a day in the life of an accountant married to an accountant……

 At 4am, your precious little pup peers over the side of the bed trying to claw your arm. Why? Well, a few reasons, hungry, needs to go outdoors, or smells daddy’s breath and wants to get closer (the last was a joke for those who were wondering). So, I quietly get out of bed to not disturb Jon and take Miss Lexi outdoors, feed her, take her outdoors again, and hopefully take her back to bed. Sometimes her energy level is a little too much to go back to bed, but she’ll sit at the end of the bed chewing on her bone if it is.

 At 7 (I know very late), I finally roll out of bed and make some semblance of a presentable person to head into work. My tired husband has already been up for probably 20 minutes….he takes much longer to get ready. SHOCKER, I know…it would take him much less time if he would let me give him a hair cut. Finally stumble downstairs around 7:30. Jon goes (faithfully) to check on his garden and remove any urchins that are eating his plants. I finish making the lunches that I started making at 4 when I brought Lexi downstairs. Then, off to the rat race.

 Now, this is the boring part….8-5. This is where you get the real taste of accountant’s life and a CPA candidate’s life. I log into my computer and after booting all necessary programs, I go to the NASBA website and check for my most recent accounting score. You enter your necessary information and then you get an error message. You get this error message because either a) your score isn’t back yet or b) you entered information incorrectly. Since it’s been three weeks since your test, you wonder “did I enter it incorrectly?” So, you try again just to be sure. After realizing your score isn’t there, I begin my day’s work. Usually spending my day in Excel or tax software, I get quite tired. Thankfully, I have access to that allows me to listen to my “Phantom of the Opera” radio station which has all Broadway musicals on it. Pretty awesome stuff to keep me going through the day. As I write this, I’m singing Under the Sea…or now…L-O-V-E  by Nat King Cole.

 After working for about 3-4 hours on spreadsheets and what not (which is really more exciting than it sounds), you need a break, so what’s the first thing you would do? Okay, you’re probably not as insane as me, but you think to yourself “I wonder if they posted scores while I was working” that’s right, you go through the same routine as before checking the scores, re-checking to make sure you didn’t mis-type your info only to be disappointed to get your score back. After that disappointment, as you listen to I’m 16 going on 17which is NOT from Mary Poppins Jon….(He tries to see if I know my musical movies), you decide to eat lunch which varies from tacos to sandwhiches…today being a taco day….typically with a CPA study book or lecture open during that hour. Today, however. I’m shortening lunch and breaking out of work early, say….3:30…Anyway, back to the typical day. Work for another 3 hours or so…it’s 4:30, you can’t wait to leave… and what would you do? Good, you’re catching on. Check those scores!!!! Keep in mind, you already have been informed by a blog regarding CPA release dates that it’s unlikely your score will be out before June 20th, but they may be wrong, right? No scores. ;-( Work a little more, run out of here at 5:00pm. Fight traffic on the interstate. Open the door to hear whimpering and excitement from a caged animal. Rush to let her out and burn some energy. I’ll skip a few hours because it entails studying, cleaning, or cooking, and who likes to hear about that?

 SO, now it’s 9pm. The garage door opens which immediately causes Lexi to go sit by the door with her tail wagging (when she wags her tail her hips wag too, so it’s rather humorous). She is whimperingincessantly until Jon opens the door. Jon arrives home from yet another late night at work. His poor firm missed the memo on when accountants are supposed to have busy lives and when they aren’t. Anyway, dinner table discussion = business purchase pursuits, depreciation schedules, any other random accounting topic that can come up, and of course if Lexi has been good or bad since I have been home. After dinner clean-up, Jon goes, as he faithfully does, to check his garden. Disappointed that no veggies have sprouted yet he comes in to try to wear Lexi out. He and Lexi do sprints the lengthof our living room (from couch to wall). As both start wearing down, it’s time to head to bed. Did it work? Will Lexi “sleep in” in the morning? Sure enough. 6am rolled around before hearing a peep out of Miss Lexi. Well, that’s the day in the life of two accountants.

 Someone may be sorry for pestering me about an update. Writers must write in their own timing.  I will try to do a true update soon. Life’s been a bit busy in the Sutter household, but very exciting.