Blessed beyond words

Just as short re-cap of things that have recently happened to Jon and I. On Friday, I found out that the Lord let me pass my third section of the CPA exam. I will take my final section on August 29th which will hopefully be my last. I will need 13 additional college credits to optain my actual CPA certificate, so I have applied to get my Masters of Accountancy from BJU. I’m waiting for word if I am accepted or not. If the Lord allows, I will graduate in May of 2011 with Joey and Amy. Exciting stuff.

Jon and I have been praying for about nine months for a new car because about that time ago my radiator began leaking and our trusty mechanic told us that we had probably a year before it would need to be replaced because he put some stop leak in it. Anyway, we found a 2003 Toyota Highlander with low miles for a very awesome price. I tried contacting them on Friday, and I was able to speak with the owner, but then I tried back three times between Friday and Saturday to set up a time to look at it. NO response. I was beginning to get very discouraged. I started looking for different cars on different websites, and I kept praying that the Lord would let the lady call. She did. We went to see the vehicle, and we had it checked out by Toyota. We made an offer, and we will pick it up on Monday evening. I am SOOOOOO excited.

Now, back to studying. Check back soon for my Chapter 2 review of Gripped by God’s Greatness. I finished the chapter, but I haven’t gotten a chance to write the review….to wet your appetite. Do you know what “awesome” really means?


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