This Day in History!!!

As is tradition (or at least I try to make it tradition), we must take a look back on this special day (i.e. Sam’s Birthday). Unfortunately…or maybe fortunately, nothing too exciting happened on this day in history, so those that I found interesting, I will list.

The Moulin Rouge opened in Paris on this day in 1889 (significance? Sam & Ashley like Paris)

The top U.S. arms inspector in Iraq, Charles Duelfer, reported finding no evidence Saddam Hussein’s regime had produced weapons of mass destruction after 1991 (2004).

This day in 1866, the first successful train robbery of a moving locomotive occurred.

In 1663, the first Mennonites arrive in the U.S.

In 1847, Jane Eyre was published (significance? It’s Sam’s FAVORITE book) ūüėČ

In 1926, Babe Ruth set a world series record.

He doesn’t even share his birthday with too many famous people . . .pretty cool if you ask me . . . makes him super special. Here’s a few though….
Tony Dungy – former football coach for the Colts and a strong Christian man (significance? definitely not the football part, but I would concur with the rest….comment for Bobby Ray Smith).
Le Corbusier – Swiss-born French architect (significance? DUH he’s Swiss, he must be family)

So, with all of that, be sure to wish Sam a Happy Happy Birthday. Singing and abnoxious phone calls area allowed on this day only. AND, sad to say, all of my pictures of Sam are on my external hard-drive at home, so you will just have to remember him in your mind.