Where did we go?

I did not realize how long it had been since we gave a traditional update on our little family in south, so I’ll give one. It may be long. Life has been busy and fun. FIRST, in honor of my New Jersey-born husband, GO YANKEES!

 Jon’s hours have lightened up a bit. He did get to come home last night at 9 which is considered a bit early for him. He is a tremendously hard worker, and when he isn’t at work, he’s at home studying. I don’t know how he does it.

 I have started a new trend that I hope to continue (thanks to Amy) which is making a calendar with our dinner menus. Jon would frequently come home at the late hours, and we would eat dinner together at 10pm, but Jon would whip something up, so I am on a 4 week streak of cooking meals. I have been trying new recipes and having fun while doing it. I have even surprised Jon a couple of times. I think so far my best surprise was my Shrimp Tortellini Alfredo with homemade Alfredo sauce. It’s also a wonderful idea, because I can usually pack our lunches for the next day with our leftovers which of course saves lots of mullah!

 I have been trying to study a lot for my CPA exam. I am rebuked that I didn’t make a blog entry about my last exam, because we can’t rejoice in God only when things are good. I did fail my last exam by 3 points (which was supposed to be my LAST section). While it was a very hard blow to take, it was God’s will, and I must rejoice in His decision. I’m rescheduled to take the exam on the 28th of this month, and I hope to be officially done after that. I’m also taking classes towards my masters. By the middle of December, I will have 3 classes completed, and I should graduate with Joey which would be loads of fun.

 Our little baby, Lexi, is doing well. She has been very sick this week, but I think she is finally feeling better. She will graduate this Saturday from Intermediate Puppy Training. We are rather excited. We will wait to start Advanced Training until after the Thanksgiving and Christmas season. While she still has puppy tendencies, she has learned a lot…her most notable “trick” is that she will sit on her pillow in front of the fireplace the whole time we are eating supper. Rather enjoyable to eat without having a puppy circling your feet waiting for droppings.

beach 248 Today, we are celebrating my nephew, Ethan’s FOURTH birthday! I can’t believe it. The picture below was taken by that awesome nephew when Jon and I took him and his sister Madelyn to the pumpkin patch and corn maze. Well, I must get back to work. Enjoy the small update.