30 gifts in 30 days

On Sunday, our pastor encouraged us to give 30 gifts in 30 days because in Mark 10:45 we are reminded that Jesus came to earth not to be served but to serve. We, as Christians, who strive to be like Christ, should want to serve without looking for something in return. He said these gifts do not have to be gifts that cost money, but we must pray to ask God to prompt us to give a gift. The only requirement is that we do not expect anything in return. So, I’m going to re-cap the first few days. I am NOT writing this to “toot my own horn.” If anything, it’s to encourage you to “Give 30 gifts in 30 days.” Let’s take Christmas back to what it’s supposed to be.

 Day 1 – I sent an e-mail to someone who is busy serving others and told him/her how much I appreciated the selflessness on a daily basis.

Day 2 – I bought my co-worker lunch, and I watched my niece and nephew while my brother-in-law and sister went to their bowling league.

Day 3 – I prayed for the Lord to prompt me, but I was getting discouraged because I wasn’t really prompted to do anything until 8 at night. Sounds like a stupid gift, but I bought my brother-in-law some contact solution. He’s a person who works so hard to pay his school bill, keep his grades up, etc, and the least I can do for him is to buy some simple contact solution. I’m blessed to be in his family. Stay tuned for the next 27 days!!!!


2 thoughts on “30 gifts in 30 days

  1. Day 4 you reviewed your sisters interview outline. See how easy that gift was? You didn’t even have to come up with it yoursself. 🙂

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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