Day 4 and Day 5

Well, I took my sister’s idea of using her for Day 4. She was having an interview in Virginia to advance within the company that she works for. While I can’t decide if I think her moving is a good idea or not, I did want to help her any way I could. At 6ish in the morning, I was reading and revising her resume and sales presentation before I left for work. I enjoy helping people, so as crazy as this sound, I haven’t necessarily been doing “new” things, but I am praying more often to ask God to prompt me to do something.

Day 5’s gift isn’t necessarily a gift, and I don’t really even know the recipient will be. Tonight at my mock trial meeting, I was asking my kids how the tournament went because I didn’t get to go to it, and I haven’t seen them since before it which was two weeks ago. I began talking with one of my students who was sharing that his early resolution for the year is to stay in contact with his friends better. He started telling me that this older woman from his church in North Carolina has been calling him to talk with him, and he keeps ignoring her because he just doesn’t want to talk to him. I encouraged him to remember what the verse says in Mark 10:45 that I mentioned yesterday. To be like Christ, we must serve rather than look for ways to be served. I explained to him that our human nature wants to be gratified. He gave the examples of friendships that he feels like it’s one sided and that he doesn’t feel appreciated. While it sounds pious, did Jesus feel appreciated when He was on the cross for us? Anyway, even getting to share the passage we learned in church was a gift for someone, maybe even the little old lady my student will call sometime this week.

How have you served someone today? Are you too exhausted to serve others? Put yourself in Christ’s spot on the cross. The true ultimate expression of exhaustion and service.


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