Day 13

So, I haven’t been too successful with the “gift” giving, but what I have noticed in the past two weeks is that I have become more aware of opportunities to “serve rather than be served.” I believe this was the true purpose of the exercise, and it’s been unique changing my responses to things or my willingness to do tasks based on the purpose that I am here to serve and not be served.

Jon and I are very excited about something, and we would like you to partner in prayer with us. This Friday, our church is having their annual Christmas program which they affectionately call Jingle Jazz. It’s a time to invite guests to come to a “safe” Christian environment for a time of fun. Our music staff at our church is by far the most talented music staff I have sat under anywhere. We are truly blessed. What we would like you to pray about is that we have invited 10 people to go with us. I have invited my boss, her boyfriend, one of Jon’s former co-workers (got fired a few weeks back) and his wife, two couples that profess to be Christians, and then my mom and sister. Just join us in prayer that each couple will be spiritually uplifted by our time together and that a couple of the couples would see the need to be involved in a church family.

Time is flying fast in SC. I have 4 Saturdays left before official start of busy season. Sad to say, but most of those Saturdays are already booked. ha ha. We are still waiting back on my last CPA exam…we hope it’s my last at least. 😉 I will keep you posted on the results.

Jon is doing well, and work has lightened up a bit for him. We are still tentative about the rapid improvements that have been implemented, but we are praying that the changes are permament and praying that the Lord would continue to disclose His will to us. Will write again soon….until then. Have fun, and keep checking back for pictures from Deb. K. Sutter’s wedding this weekend.


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