Triumphant/Terrific Tuesday…..

We are a blessed couple. There isn’t much more I can write that can’t be centered around that very large fact. As I sat at my desk, exhausted on the verge of complaining, I remember, I have a job when many others are praying for just the same thing.  As I put on my running clothes to go out in the 31 degree weather, complaints or excuses were quick to flood my thoughts, but then I remembered, I have two God-given friends waiting to run with me, I have legs that work to run, and I have a body that is not my own.

On our run/walk for the evening, the girls and I got talking on the subject of God’s Will, our free will, and what we need to be doing in our daily walks. I have never been in a position to take a leap of faith or rely soley on God for my future, and that is where I stand at the beginning of 2010. It’s a scary position but an exciting one too. The next time you are reluctant to be faithful and wait for God on something or even to do something where you feel like you’re spinning the wheels, think about Noah. I have started reading through the Bible with the hopes of reading through the whole Bible. I’m doing it in conjunction with my brother-in-law’s church plan called 365Revolutions – Hearing from God daily. We read a chapter or two each day from the Old Testament, the New Testament, and Psalms.

I have been impacted by the story of Noah recently. I think about the “leap of faith” I’m taking where I must rely soley on God….do I really know what that means? Noah was one of the last people on earth who trusted God. We find it hard in our day to trust and follow God, but there are many more of “us.” Noah was one of the last if not the last. In addition, He started building a boat the size of at least one football field without having ever seen rain before. THAT is faith. Let’s strive to be more like Noah (obviously, primary focus is to be like God, but Noah’s faith is one that should be replicated).


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