Instant Gratification

Our culture is so inundated with the concept of instant gratification. We frequently hear that it’s the big businesses that caused our economic meltdown, the banks taking large bonuses, or the poor lending, etc. I don’t get paid the big bucks that the politicians do, but you want to know the real reason why our economy is in the state that it’s in? Instant gratification. Everyone feels they deserve the house they can’t afford, the clothes they can’t afford to pay cash for, the meal that’s easier to buy than make at home.  My co-worker and I were discussing on our drive to Charleston today that our culture has this mindset that we must have it now! We always blame our culture for issues, but it hit me today that even people in Bible times suffered from these issues.  Think back to Rachel when the Lord wouldn’t allow her to conceive. She gave her maid to her husband to bear children, and she did it more than once! The Lord later allowed Rachel to conceive, but she had to “have it now.” Our generation is no different from those in Bible times. We are all still sinners who are impatient and think that we should know God’s plan.

Even as I type, I find myself worrying about a few different issues. I pray that the Lord would calm my heart, but I “want my answers NOW.” I have been trying to remember that God’s timing is way better than my own. When I get upset, I try to tell myself “it’s not my will, but Thine.” Try to make that your daily philosophy.


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