My view on Valentine’s…….

LoveI have had many women comment to me this year that they aren’t looking forward to Valentine’s Day, and I understand where they are coming from because I came from that same place a few years ago. It started back in elementary school, each person got to make and decorate their “Valentine’s mailbox” to get all of the valentines that people would give them. Now, this was the back in the day when there were no rules for equality and preservation of self-image. You got a valentine if someone liked you or thought you were cool. Now days, everyone gets a valentine because no one should be hurt. In high school, it was the Valentine’s Gift Exchange. It was a fundraiser for the school, but it was the opportunity for that “love” to show the whole school, in the middle of a class, that they loved you. Every Valentine’s I would find myself “wishin’, hopin, thinkin’, and prayin’” that someone would give me something, write me sweet note, send me flowers, send me chocolates, anything to show me that they loved me.

 What changed? Well, I can’t say that it changed all that long ago. I mean even while dating Jon the thrill of what he would come up with for Valentine’s Day was always fun, but a few months ago I got convicted about Valentine’s Day. I know it may sound silly, but the Lord started working on my heart. As a believer, I’m to show agape (unconditional) love. It should be a love that is unexpecting, not one where I manipulate or suck up to people to get the most valentines in my valentine mailbox. Or bringing it to current times, it should not be a love that gets my sweet husband a great gift just so he will feel guilty to buy me a great gift or dropping hints to pressure him into doing what I want. I Corinthians 13:5 explains it well, “It [Love] is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.”

 The complaints (and I did make that plural) that I have heard this year are numerous. I have had multiple women comment on subjects ranging from he didn’t get me the gift that I was hoping for to he doesn’t even celebrate it the way I want. When did Valentine’s Day become the woman’s holiday?

I personally am thrilled about Valentine’s Day this year. I have many things up my sleeve to make this day special for my husband…not because I hope to get anything in return but because he is an amazing man who deserves the best. He works hard to support his family, he cares little about himself, and he shows true agape love to me on an everyday basis. For one day (at least) I want to do the same. I want to celebrate MY love for HIM. I think Valentine’s Day should be a day to celebrate those we love rather than to celebrate those that love ME. So, I can’t give you details because he may be reading, but this weekend is going to be special. It’s not going to be special because I expect any gifts or a fancy dinner or even flowers. It’s going to be special, because my husband will have absolutely no doubt by the end that no one in this world loves him more than I do.

 I would even extend this to your single friends. I have some girlfriends that I want them to know that they are loved this Valentine’s Day. Don’t hesitate to drop your girlfriend a note to know that they are loved and celebrate the love you have for them versus wanting them to say something to you.  So there’s my piece on Valentine’s…I hope that it may change your focus a bit and make this the most enjoyable Valentine’s you have ever had.


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