Happy Valentine’s Day…a couple days late.

Jon and I had a wonderful celebration of our love for each other all weekend last weekend. Our celebration started Friday evening just relaxing together at home with no work. Then Saturday, we both had to go to work…yeah a bummer on a Saturday, BUT we both got off around 1, and it was the second beginning to Jon’s celebration. He has been eyeing a shot-gun to use for skeet shooting, so I agreed to give him the money to buy the gun he wants. After researching prices, I realized I couldn’t pay it all on my own, but he was more than happy to share in the investment, so Jon came home with his very own shot-gun.

 After purchasing the gun, we went home to relax for a little bit before our show….Jon had bought me tickets to Wicked (the prequel to the Wizard of Oz). Before dinner though, I decided I was going to surprise Jon with dinner. So, to keep our destination a surprise, I decided to make Jon some glasses to prevent him from peaking. After driving through the grocery store parking lot to throw him off (which didn’t work), we took a really random way of getting there to keep him confused. After many directional diversions, we arrived at P.F. Changs, Jon’s favorite restaurant. I allowed him to leave his glasses in the car, but I made him keep his eyes shut until we got to the door, and you wouldn’t believe it, but I almost let him hit the door because I was so excited, and I had forgot that he had his eyes closed. Ha ha. Oops! It was a delicious meal…even if I don’t like Asian. Before supper though we did take a great picture of the two of us. It was a bit cold to take the picture since we had received three inches of snow the night before.

I’m a blessed woman. I have way more than I deserve when it comes to Jon. I’m frequently reminded how the Lord has blessed me to have him. I’m not sure what I did to earn the privilege of serving him, but I’m so blessed. Well, on to another week, and speaking of my great husband. It’s cuddle time, so I best be going. Until next time……


2 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day…a couple days late.

  1. I did forget to put that. P.F. Changs. It’s Jon’s favorite restaurant, and I say it’s a sign of true love because I don’t really like Asian. 😉

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