Running, Jumping, and Who knows what else

Short update. This week is a bit slower. Time for me to catch up on family taxes, our own taxes, and extensions for clients. I am almost done with the family ones assuming you have told me you want them done or need help. Ours are close to being finalized…yeah, and today is extension day at work for all of my audit clients. So it should be a pretty fun day. Since Jon is away all week, I’m also catching up with some friends who have been neglected during the heart of busy season. I’m very excited about Thursday night. My maid-of-honor, Analeisa is coming over, and we are having a play date with our “kids.” I’m very excited to wear Lexi out with her dog Cooper.

This weekend is going to be a bit different. On Saturday, I will be running in a 10k (6.2 miles). It’s the longest race I have ever done. My girlfriend and I from highschool have reconnected over the last year, and we started running earlier this year. For me, it was running again, but for her it was running in general. It’s very exciting that we are both going to run and finish this race. We went out Saturday to practice on the course, and wow was it long! Thankfully, the weather is supposed to be gorgeous Saturday (hard to believe with snow in the forecast today, but that’s SC weather). We are expecting a great race and a successful finish. We have hopes of doing a half marathon at the end of April. This is our test run to see if we are on track since this is half-way through our training. We saw how well my 2009 goal of running a half went, so we are being more cautious this year on making that the end-all, be-all goal…especially since I don’t really like running, and I don’t really have time to do the long runs associated with the training. So, we’ll see. You’ll have to check back for pictures of our grand event. Or you can check my friends blog every Tuesday when she posts our progress. She’s working on trying to get healthy this year, and she’s been blogging about it for accountability. Her Tuesday posts called Triumphant Tuesdays can be found at The only downside is since I’m running in the morning on Saturday it means I have to work in the afternoon/evening on Saturday to make up my hours, but on the upside….we’re nearing the end of busy season so hopefully that means less Saturdays too.

Until next time……


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