Woo Hoo…Finish Line is in sight

This weekend I ran in my first ever 10k which is 6.2 miles. My girlfriend and I have been training for some time, and we were elated to finish the race on Saturday and to do in a much better time than we did the week before. What was a bigger blessing was the beautiful weather the Lord gave us. The weather on Saturday was truly beautiful. It was evidence of His creation, and the birth of new things. The lilies were popping up out of the ground preparing for their vibrant appearance in spring. This was the first race though that when I could see the finish line I also saw my husband cheering for me. VERY encouraging. He knows I want to change my health and that it’s hard for me and somehow he knows how to encourage me without degrading me or discouraging me. To see the rest of our pictures, feel free to follow this link to my facebook album. You don’t have to facebook to see them. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=392506&id=603205205&l=9d97a19b4a

Another finish line I can see is the end of the audit season. I have three more weeks of audits which includes only one more week of out-of-town travel. When we started our interim work back in the fall, it felt as if the audit season would never be over, but the Lord has given strength to complete my second audit season. It was refreshing this week to be in the office and to accomplish a lot. I was able to complete all of the extensions for my clients and prepare for the week ahead. Once we are done with the audit portion of busy season, I will begin doing the tax returns for all of those clients.

The finish line though that was most exciting to see was this past Friday when my husband came home from his audit. He had spent the week in Columbia working on an audit for a a construction supplier company. He met a controller named Jimmy. Jimmy has really impacted Jon’s cooking. Jimmy is a food critic who takes pictures of almost each meal he eats, and he blogs about it. Jon tried cow tongue tacos for the first time. DISGUSTING if you ask me. When he came home, he was inspired to make a thin-crust pizza. He had recently had a pizza with duck, cherries, and onions. Frankly, I was thankful mine only had onions, pepperoni, and tomatoes. Don’t mind the odd shape. It was DELICIOUS!!!! He also spent yesterday making his own butter for our dinner today.


3 thoughts on “Woo Hoo…Finish Line is in sight

  1. Ashleigh- the cow’s tongue taco part is so funny..did you know cow’s tongue is a delicacy in Bolivia?? My grandma used to sneak it into our soups and stews- I actually loved it until i found out what it was. It’s really tender! i’m sure jon loved it!! haha
    and congrats on the 10k!!! 6.2 miles is a LONG run! very impressive:-)!
    hop e you’re doing well! miss you!

  2. I’m sorry, did you say his own BUTTER?? Now Jon, you CANNOT one up me on the homemade dinners! I thought I was doing well at homemade bread and applesauce….

    The 10K was awesome! I’m actually looking forward to doing it again soon….with my running buddy of course!

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