As I write, I have the sweet music of birds in the trees and my husband playing the piano. Can I just say I love listening to Jon play the piano? When he plays, it’s full of emotion, but also lighthearted and SO enjoyable to listen to. I could easily be serenaded to sleep because it’s so enjoyable to listen to. Lexi isn’t too used to us playing the piano since we haven’t had time to do much of it since we got her, but both Jon and I got a chance to serenade her this evening. She just stared at us wondering when dinner was going to be served. She’s looking forward to Sunday though. Jon has begun feeding her, her very own Sutter Spaghetti dish. She gets noodles (which she loves cooked or dry) as well as some french bread and sauce. She is always the first to finish.

So, by the mere fact I’m listening to Jon play the piano, that means I’m home from my business trip. I’m so thrilled that the Lord has carried Jon and I through another busy season. Being apart as much as Jon and I have since we’ve been married just makes me more thankful for every second we are together. Thankfully, I have traveled for the last time until June or July…..How wonderful!!!! Now it’s just full swing taxes. My hours will pick up a bit since we have a big deadline in a couple of weeks and then to work on all of the returns that we had to extend their deadlines.

Other than that, nothing too exciting is going on here. We are slated to have a big Easter Egg hunt here at the house after church on Easter Sunday (big is definitely an exaggeration, but I’m really excited). Jon also bought me some egg painting kits last year, so hopefully Ethan, Madelyn, and I can do that together since I’ve never done it before. My sister, Brandi, is coming in from Virginia, so we’re looking forward to seeing her. Still praying though that she finds a house soon.

Well, off I go. Early morning tomorrow, so I better start dinner and be preparing for the morning. Love to all.


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