Long time no see!

It has been far too long since I have had a blog update. Life just seems to get busier. Something will end, and I will say “life will slow down now.”  That has NOT been the case! For the last three weeks, Jon or I have been in Atlanta, GA for work. While that may sound glamorous, it’s not. I miss Jon, I miss my pups, and I miss my home. I will go home for one week…which we will actually leave TOGETHER and go on vacation. When we return, I will go to Atlanta again for two days, then we will be together for 15 days, and then Jon will return to Atlanta for three straight weeks. Thankfully, he gets to come home on the weekends, but it’s still a long-time apart. While I’m not supposed to envy anything, I envy the day when we don’t have jobs that keep us apart so often or when I could accompany him on his trips.

Since our last post, we expanded the Sutter family, added a CPA, and began a house project. We brought Mocha Sutter home at the end of May. She’s a chocolate Lab, a wondferul sister to Lexi, and a warm spot in our heart. I can’t wait to see her this evening when I get home! I will have to wait to post a picture until I get home since I had to remove all pictures from my computer. I FINALLY got my CPA certification. I learned back in December that I had passed the last section, but I still had some classes to take and some red tape to cut through. I still have two classes to complete for my Master of Accountancy degree, but all-in-all, things are moving along. And finally, we are in the midst of a crazy patio project. Jon got the urge (that’s right, it wasn’t even my idea or urging) to build a patio out of paver stone at the bottom of our steps in the backyard. The patio will allow us to get a fire pit, move our grill off our screened porch, and have some more areas to relax in. Since temps are in the 100’s, work hasn’t been moving very quickly, but we hope to have it completed before our son comes home (that’s Joe for those who don’t know). 😉

Well, I must sign off. I need to pack up my hotel room and get ready to conquer another day. I can’t wait to see Jon. This week has been long. Made longer by being sick, but somehow seeing him makes all of that melt into a memory.


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