My Acrostic Prayer….

In church, we have been doing a study of the Psalms and how to turn down the noise of the world (i.e. stress, worry, news updates, etc.). One week Pastor Boyd asked us to read Psalm 119 each day….well, he compromised and did 5 out of 7 days. That was a committment…which I did not complete the five days, but I determined to do as many as I could.

Two weeks ago, he did his second part of the look at Psalm 119. He encouraged us to look at the Psalm as a prayer. The Psalmist was minimized in the prayer and God’s attributes were maximized. The Psalm is also written as an acrostic prayer (i.e. using the all of the letters of the Hebrew Alphabet). For that week’s assignment, he asked each of us to pray, rather praise, God as the Psalmist did using an acrostic prayer. Now, I will admit I cheated on X, and I skipped Z all together to avoid potentially falling into silliness, because I really wanted the prayer to be a reflection of God and not of myself. I will admit, it could be more eloquent, it could be more proper, but what it can’t be is an exageration. Our God is each of the items listed and even more to be listed at another time. My girlfriend is also writing an acrostic prayer, and I hope to use that to praise God about the attributes that she highlights that I may have forgotten or not used in my prayer.

Have you tried writing one? You should. It’s harder than it looks. I did it in two evenings. It was even fun one night because as I struggled to come up with a letter Jon would help me think of some attribute of God. So, here it goes.

All glory and honor do you deserve.
Before your throne I humbly bow. You
Care for even the least, including me.
Dignity surrounds you!
Every new day is a testimony to your power and grace.
Father, forgive me when I falter.
Greater are your ways than my ways.
Holy are you!
Invincible against all my fears and struggles.
Joy will come in the morning because of you.
Kind are your thoughts and ways.
Loving are your actions and words.
Majestic is the creation around me.
Numerous are your wonders.
Only you can complete me.
Patient are your ways when teaching me.
Quiet will your mockers be in the day of judgement.
Righteous and just in your dealings.
Sin cleansed by your gracious gift.
Thankful for your forgiveness.
Undeserving am I of your grace.
Victory over all my enemies…you shall be!
Washed by your Son’s blood
eXclaiming your majesty shall be my one and only job!


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