So, at the beginning of the summer, we went camping with some friends and had a marvelous time. We shared a tent with them for our first trip together. Jon and I enjoyed our time that we decided we would keep our eyes out for a tent at a reasonable price. A few weeks later, our neighbor was having a yard sale. He had this bag full of supplies. I asked how much he wanted for the tent, and he said $10. I immediately jumped at the idea. I went to get the money. When I came back, he realized that I had misunderstood him. See, the bag included a tarp for under the tent, the tent, a canopy type thing to put around a table to keep the bugs out, and a lot of spikes and what not. Anyway, he was like, how about we say $20 for it all. I was still very pleased…especially if you know anything about how much new tents cost.

So this past weekend was our first opportunity to use our new tent. All in all, it was a marvelous time. The tent is large enough for our air mattress which was a requirement this time, because sleeping on rocks isn’t too much fun, and that is typically what the campsites are made of lots of rocks! The friends we were going with are always fun to be around! Courtney (my friend) and I started planning what we needed to bring a couple weeks earlier, and we each had our list of groceries to bring. Well, we got to the campsite and realized that one or both of us had forgotten a lot of stuff. My girlfriend had forgot her skillet which is how we were going to cook most of our items. Then when the guys arrived (with the skillet) we realized we had no matches, and for you Survivor fans, fire is a must to survival. So, the guys went back out to get fire. Then we are browning the meat, and I am getting the supplies ready for our tacos….only to realize I left the tortillas in my fridge at home. Thankfully, I had brought Tortilla chips to enjoy Jon’s guacamole, so we all had taco salads instead.

Anyway, the forecast called for no rain, so I decided not to put the rain fly on so that we could see the stars and moon from inside our tent. All was great! On Sunday morning around 2am, Jon wakes me up to tell me he thinks it’s raining. We wait for a moment, and sure enough, drop here and a drop there. So, we scurry around. Gathering items from outside that can’t get wet. I am scurrying to figure out how to put the rain fly on. I had never tried doing it, and in the middle of the night half-asleep didn’t help. 😉 We finally got it on, but we didn’t tie it down as well as we could have since it was 2am! Well, the good news, is my side of the airmattress stayed dry. So, Jon and Lexi both tried to fit on my side of the air mattress. Talk about a squished, cold, wet bed. The thunderstorms started 15 minutes after we got back into the tent, and then the skies opened up. It stopped raining around 7:45 which is when we got up and just started packing up….only for the rain to start again. What a miserable end to the weekend. On the bright side though, we DESPERATELY needed the rain. It was funny. As I laid in bed, I was praying asking God to stop the rain where we were at, but to let it keep raining at our house. Talk about being specific. ha ha. It turned out for the best though because Jon and I got some much needed rest on Sunday since we got home earlier than we expected.

Looking forward to the next time we can go. Hope you enjoyed our humorous camping trip.


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