The Truth about Sin….Uh Oh….


Well, I thought to myself, this week should be a relatively easy week in Bible Study because, well frankly, I’m a good person. 😉 As Nancy Leigh DeMoss begins the chapter, I’m still holding strong to my I’m a good person. I mean I don’t look at pornography, I don’t have extra marital affairs, etc. However, as soon as I’m getting this haughty spirit, DeMoss hits on the topic of food addiction…of course, I would never admit that I have a food addiction (okay, maybe I will), but did you realize that’s a sin too? Crazy thing…it’s equivalent to looking at pornography. She discussed the food addictions when talking about the first lie, “I can sin and get away with it” (p. 93). However, she points out the truth. “So it is with sin. Though it may entertain us, play with us, sleep with us, and amuse us, its nature never changes. Inevitably, it will always rise up to bite and devour those who befriend it” (p. 92). Right after you get over this punch to the gut that you can’t get away with sin, DeMoss doesn’t let up. She leads right into, “My sin isn’t really that bad” (p. 98). She quotes John Bunyan when he said “One lead will sink a ship; and one sin will destroy a sinner” (p. 99).

This led us into the discussion of confronting sinners. It’s so important to keep a short account with God. Many times (speaking from personal experience) when you try to approach someone who is living in sin…even if you are doing it with the right spirit in love, the first remark is “what right do you have to judge me…you’re not God.” We were just encouraged to live a repentant life. Part of the Christian walk is failure, but it’s in that failure that we see God’s holiness and can learn from it. Never approach a brother/sister in Christ about their sin if you have un-confessed since of your own, and always remember that you are a sinner too struggling through the same walk. Rarely will I use absolutes, but I think those two are legitimate.

The last three I will list:

“God can’t forgive what I have done” (p. 100)

“I am not fully responsible for my actions and reactions” (p. 102)

“I cannot walk in consistent victory over sin” (p. 105)

The other lie we spent time talking about was that I’m not fully responsible for my actions and reactions. Our society promotes this “it’s everyone else’s fault attitude.” We need to take responsibility!

This Bible Study has been an encouragement to me, and I hope it has been for the others coming. We started talking about our next study. Don’t forget to e-mail me any ideas you might have for our next study. I would love to look into any ideas you have. Don’t forget also to look at your reading schedules. Due to Thanksgiving, there will be one week where we meet back-to-back, and then we will be back on the regular bi-weekly schedule.


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