Reading much?

I know…my blog has turned into a book review site, BUT that’s not a bad thing. I have been trying to read more. The book reviews keep me accountable to actually finish a book. I have been knocking books out this year that I have not been reading otherwise….even books that I am not reviewing. So exciting to actually feel like I am learning again (for me reading is always a lesson since I come across new words and different perspectives on life). Here is the review for my most recent book. Someday soon I will return to blogging about life…now that I can have one again (i.e. busy season is almost over).

We Be Big by Rick Burgess and Bill “Bubba” Bussey was a wonderful read! I have recently been trying to expand my reading selection and just happened to select this book knowing nothing about the content. WOW, was I pleasantly surprised. It’s a story of how two people with a passion for radio made it “big.” The book was very well written. Each chapter flips perspectives between Rick and Bubba. They are very up front about their road to stardom which is no different from their radio show (so they say). They portray in their book that their radio show is different from most because they talk about topics that heavily influence their own lives (i.e. their faith in Jesus Christ, family, hunting, politics, etc.).

The book was encouraging simply because of their honesty and their constant encouragement to keep Christ at the center of what they are doing. It was also an encouragement to see the story of redemption in Rick’s life. Rick was honest that he strayed away from Christ in the early years and later dropped the title “cultural Christian” for being a true Christ follower. The Lord would later test Rick and his family, but through his testing many would be brought to the Lord.

Having never listened to Rick and Bubba, I feel as though I know them. If you have the opportunity to read this book, take it and ENJOY!