Hiatus ended…hopefully.

Yes, I have had a long hiatus on writing, but I will hopefully get better. My sister-in-law is so good about updating their blog weekly, and I am hoping to get in the same routine. I won’t bore you with too many details because I’m sure many of my readers don’t particularly care what I ate for breakfast (cereal sample that I received at Old Navy). Since I have been gone so long, I will also not try to catch you up. Rather, since I hope we are friends, I will do what I would do if I saw you…pick up as if we never were apart.

Last week was the week of all weeks. Our family from PA came to visit to celebrate three graduations, Mother’s Day, and a Sweet Sixteen. Jon’s sister graduated with her doctorate, Jon’s brother (and our housemate) with his undergraduate degree, and me with my masters. I loved how our house was bursting at the seams at meals and how we had family all around to celebrate. I have never cooked for that many people, so the weeks leading up to the visit and the weekend was an eye-opening experience. We were all very anxious and excited to hear of the arrival of another baby in our family. Colette Elisse Sutter was born on Friday to Sam & Ashley in NY. She is perfect, and we love looking at pictures of her. I’m hoping to visit with her when I go to NJ for a business trip in July.

This week is a return to normalcy for us…I still am not entirely sure what that word means. I started summer school on Monday which has definitely been a major challenge for me. I didn’t rest much on the weekend, so the new work/school schedule has really taken its toll. I’m hoping to catch up on rest this weekend and get my mid-term and mid-term paper completed…wishful thinking? I’m trying to keep my eyes on the prize….the Outer Banks in 23 days. I’m so excited to get to spend some quality time with my husband and family…my sister from Virginia is even coming!

Sorry there are no pictures on this post…I don’t have any pictures on my work computer anymore now that we have a snazzy home computer (so thankful for that)! Hopefully, in the weeks to come as I develop a system to my posts, I will be able to include pictures from the past week. Well, I don’t want to push it. Getting you back to reading my posts is an accomplishment in it of itself, come visit each Monday and see if there is something else happening in our exiting lives. J


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