Life as we know it….

Thankfully, this week started very busy and slowed down to a pace that allowed Jon and me to get some much needed relaxation. On Friday, the Bible Study group got together for a ladies night. One of our ladies just purchased her first home and has done some major renovations, so we were eager to see it in person. It was a great time of fellowship since our group had been apart for a month thanks to graduation.

Saturday seemed to be busier than necessary just because everything was spread out throughout the day. Ethan had a t-ball game, mom had a party, and then we were having guests over. Due to the busyness, I had to find time to get my run in…yes, I have been running. I have been trying to get in shape. I’m at a faithful three weeks….Anyway, you knew it was faithfulness, because Saturday was our sprint workout (I say “our” because Jon is a great encourager). We head out to start, and it’s a beautiful day. On our second to last sprint, the sky just opened up. Seriously out of nowhere. You can’t really tell in the picture, but Jon and I are SOAKED. The evening ended much nicer with a fire on the fire pit and some of Jon’s homemade pizza and guacamole. I got lucky marrying him.

Sunday was rather uneventful…thankfully. I just read lots of accounting articles for class, and we did another run. Today we took a different route and came across a snake. This is our second snake in two weeks. Thankfully, this one was dead which in my opinion is the only good snake.  Well, I don’t want to push it on the length…I mean it is only my second post in a week. In the meantime, I will leave you with some pictures from this week and graduation from last week. See you next Monday!


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