And so we have it….

We survived another week, and to my surprise, the world didn’t end yesterday ūüôā The highlight of this week was starting Jon’s birthday week celebration yesterday AND successfully completing my mid-term exam and paper…well, I’m not sure how successfully since I haven’t seen the grades, but they are done. Only two weeks left! We went to my nephew’s t-ball game as normal, but this time supplies¬†some doughnuts. I’m proud to say that I only ate one of six! My favorite picture of that collage is the picture of Jon and¬†Madelyn playing “imaginary soccer.” I thought for¬†sure she would tell him he was silly, but she played right along until Uncle¬†Jon said he¬†lost the ball, and¬†Madelyn bought it.

For Jon’s birthday¬†celebration, we headed to Atlanta to the InterContinental¬†hotel in Buckhead. I have never stayed at this hotel,¬†but it’s¬†supposed to be the highest quality hotel in the brands of hotels that I usually stay at. When we arrived, we were upgraded to a “Club¬†Room” which when I looked after the fact was a $259/night room….which we got for free. The very nice¬†part about¬†a Club Room was¬†free access to the¬†Club Lounge on the¬†21st floor of the building. Jon and I had high hopes of touring Atlanta since we never get to when we¬†are there on business, but what¬†we¬†ended up doing was even better. The Club lounge had free sodas all day and free food throughout the day, so Jon and I ate¬†an afternoon snack, dinner, and dessert there. We actually didn’t leave our hotel once. You can see from one of the pictures that we¬†got into a¬†pretty intense game of Monopoly while overlooking the city. ¬†I will be honest and say that Jon won, but he introduced a shady house rule that is still under consideration for the new Sutter house (i.e. when you get snake eyes or two ones on the dice, you get one of each bill from the bank). So, between him getting like 10 snake eyes and landing on free parking like 6 times, I was pretty dead. He even had debt forgiveness to help me out…which it didn’t help me out.

A pretty nice rest area that we stopped at.

A funny story about that mini-bar picture. Jon and I clearly don’t get out much, because we had never seen anything like it, but the drinks were sensor controlled. The sign said if you removed anything for more than twenty seconds that your room would be charged. An 8oz coke was $3.50, so there was no way we would pay that knowing we could get the same coke in the lounge for free. When we checked out, the lady asked if we had purchased anything from the mini-bar because a charge was showing up. I quickly explained that I put a coke IN the fridge, but that I did not take anything OUT. Thankfully, she credited it off the room.

We arrived back mid afternoon Sunday. Our “busy” weekend left me tired, so I rested some more until we ventured out into the heat for our run. We took the girls with us, and I think the picture explains how tired they were. Now just picture Jon and me. The birthday celebration will continue through next Sunday! Jon is sure excited.

The girls were a bit exhausted after the run.


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