Today is JON’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!

If you had asked me six years ago (yes, we have been dating for that long), where I would be today, I would have told you a completely different story. God has blessed me more than I could imagine. Today, I celebrate Jon. I celebrate his leadership, drive, compassion, tenderness, and romanticism. I am sure I could think of many more adjectives, but again, I don’t want to lose that meager readership that I do have. I also celebrate his parents for raising a man that is responsible, self-sufficient, and God-honoring.
For Jon’s birthday, we are heading out to some Asian restaurant….he doesn’t know which one yet because I like to keep him on his toes. I had planned on taking him to a local place called Lieu’s, but he ruined the surprise by suggesting that we go there. 🙂 We have typically gone to P.F. Changs in the past, but it’s a bit old to me (AND, they did have a whole potty in the kitchen issue a few years back that I refuse to let Jon forget, although DHEC said they couldn’t determine the actual cause). I tell him each year that his birthday proves my true love since I can’t stand Asian food….sorry for all you asian food lovers.
Well, enough blog writing. On to CELEBRATING!!!!     To help you better enjoy, here is a picture from Jon’s very FIRST brithday….Such a cutie….

3 thoughts on “Today is JON’S BIRTHDAY!!!!!

  1. No doubt Jon would want me to point out that it’s actually “Lieu’s”. I’m sure you will pick an awesome restaurant! I’ll be even more impressed if you have a coupons. 😉

    I hope you both have an awesome evening celebrating Jon – I’m thankful we have such a great friend in him!

    • I have updated that. Thank you for pointing it out. Yeah, I’m between two places right now for dinner. It will probably be a last minute decision between the two. No coupons though. 🙂

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